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Beasts of Bermuda – Breeding, Nesting and Egg Health

Breeding, Nesting and Egg Health

To breed, you must have a male and female of the same species, in a group at Friendship Level C at the minimum. After mating, the female carries the egg while the male builds the nest for her. Only the male can build the nest, and he can build a nest for each of his females, and each nest must be maintained.

There are ways the egg can be damaged even before it is laid:

  • Having low comfort now has a chance to damage your gestating eggs.
  • Taking a hit that causes you to play a high damage pain grunt now damages your eggs if you’re gestating eggs.
  • When an egg takes damage, it gets assigned an additional, random, negative inheritance trait.

There are three different ways, currently, that a Player can be invited to the nest:

  • The playerlist shows egg icons beside each player who owns one or more eggs. You can ask these players to become their hatchling in the same place you’d ask to join their group.
  • Available eggs show up on the dinosaur selection screen under a new UI button labeled Eggs. Selecting one prompts the players if they’d like to allow you to possess their egg.
  • Players with eggs can ask any player if they’d like to become their egg through the playerlist, much like asking a player to join their group.

When you become an egg, you can monitor how close you are to hatching. The icon in the lower right corner shows your development, with the egg yolk becoming smaller and smaller as you grow (Compare above, a fresh egg, to below). Your view of the egg’s surroundings will also become more and more clear.

To hatch, you must be fully grown, and then press the ability key.

Once Hatched, you will inherit a random selection of stats from both your parents, as well as inheriting colors from their own color selection, with the option of wild card colors popping up as well.

See Inherited Talents section for more information on this.

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