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Beasts of Bermuda The Map Ancestral Plains

This map is really giant so I created this guide for you to show the ideal places for some dinos and poor places on this map. It contains 2 large islands connected by small islands and 2 straits.

This big lake, a paradise for Lurdusaurus, Ichtyovenator and Velociraptor

This large lake contains a large amount of algae, very useful for feeding your Lurdusaurus, but these algae can also hide Ichtyovenator to hunt in ambush. This place is also made for velociraptor because it contains water and many trees to hide or to ambush. This lake is on the largest of the islands, it’s closer to the outside of the map than the center of the map.

The river, made for the ambush.

This river is located west of the big island, it starts with a large lake and ends in another. A place dreamed for some carnivores but especially for the Ichtyovenator and the Mosasaurus because the river is more turbid than the water of the lakes, it thus makes it possible to be well dissimulated and to lay ambushes. The mosas can reach this river thanks at a cave leads to the lake where it flows.

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This volcanic territory, a large hunting area.

This land contains a lot of rock and forest, it’s very useful to hide itself in being a carnivore like a T-rex, megalosaurus and raptors. This land is located towards the center of the big island, he is very dangerous as a herbivore and very useful to break a leg.

The strait with algaes, a paradise for Lurdusaurus and Kronosaurus.

This strait is the smallest but contains a lot of algae which makes this habitat very useful for Lurdusaurus and Kronosaurus. Indeed, these algae are the ones that allow the Lurdusaurus to feed but they are so many that they can also serve as a hiding place to escape a predator. For the Kronosaurus, to hide himself here is a precious pros because he is done less to be spotted by his prey like mosa or elasmo and can use his attack at any speed.

The cliff of pteras.

An environment that I don’t recommend to the terrestrial dinos because it’s a tiny island that contains almost no carcass. However, there is a cliff that only pteras can reach, so this habitat is very useful for eating and nesting.

The small islands, connecting the 2 largest.

These small islands are quite many and connect the 2 main ones, some of them have spawn points but it is then necessary quickly on one of the 2 big islands, because these small island are poor and contain less food. However, this habitat is more suitable for pteras since the big predators remain towards the main islands.

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The ocean, a middle poor for the moment.

The ocean is the spawn point of marine creatures but for the moment, the middle is quite poor so all the marine predators focus on the straits to find more prey and caves connecting these straits to lakes. Later, when there will be more marine reptile and AI fish, this middle will be more rich.

The real trap of this map.

This map contains a trap that costs the life of many terrestrial and sea creatures, the tide. Indeed, during a part of the day the sea rises very quickly and swallows a lot of ground and during another part, she goes down quickly leaving a desert of sand with marine creatures stranded. For marine creatures, there are two ways to get out, either quickly reach the ocean or join a vast network of caves where the water stays forever.

Written by Kinispino

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