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Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night is an exploration-focused, side-scroller action RPG by Koji Igarashi. Play as Miriam, an orphan scarred by an alchemist’s curse that slowly crystallizes her body. Battle through a demon-infested castle and defeat its master to save yourself, and all of humanity!

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Bloodstained Ritual of the Night Enemy Drop Chart

Bloodstained Ritual of the Night Enemy Drop Chart

Enemy NameDrop 1Drop 2Drop 3Drop 4Shard
SeamaWrithing Limb 12%Halite 5%Cerulean Splash 3%
Cannon MorteSP Rounds x3 10%Cannon Scrap 12%HP Rounds x3 3%Elm 4%Flame Cannon 2%
AelloTomato 8%Lemon 4%Monster Bird Tear 8%Gale Crawler 4%
GhostEctoplasm 10%Ether 6%Alkahest 12%Summon Ghost
DullahammerSea Urchin 8%Bronze 12%Dullahammer Helm 3%Iron 8%Head Flail 4%
Giant RatCheese 12%Rat Tail 10%Rat Teeth 4%Summon Rat 4%
Bone MorteMelting Bone 15%Stone Mask 4%Melting Skull 5%Bone Toss 4%
BatSmall Webbing 15%Bat Fang 5%Summon Bat 3%
GieremundHoundskin 10%Ulfberht Sword 1%Demon Dog Fang 5%Summon Gieremund 4%
Blood Grinder KnightScale Armor 4%Iron 10%Spiral Sword 2%Steel 5%Heretical Grinder 4%
SabnockLong Sword 8%Lion Mane 12%Obsidian 5%Steel 8%Sword Expertise 4%
Moco WeedMoco Oil 12%Cotton 8%Fey Leaf 6%Moco Leek 12%Flytrap 4%
ToadToad Eye 8%Toad Heart 2%Release Toad 3%
Plume ParmaPlume Pork 12%Pork Cutlet 1%Summon Plume Parma
BarbatosHP Rounds x3 12%Dreadful Rag 12%AP Rounds x5Hemp 5%True Arrow 4%
CarabosseFaerie Medicine 8%Faerie Dust 10%Faerie Elixir 4%Familiar: Carabosse 4%
SimianRing 10%Monster Blood 10%Monster Fur 3%Summon Simian 3%
ZaganBeast Beef 8%Monster Horn 12%rennet 15%Beast Milk 8%Alchemic Bounty 2%
PoltergeistAlkahest 10%Oak 10%Welcome Company 4%
OrdogCurry Powder 3%Acid Jet 4%
GargoyleStonethaw 10%Gargoyle Stone 10%Obsidian 8%Petra Ray 4%
Killer BarberSharp Razor 10%Rhava Bural 4%Dagger Expertise 4%
DemonSinister Fang 10%Sinister Heart 4%Augment INT 5%
BuerLeonine Pelt 10%Cocoa 2%Monster Fang 5%Summon Buer 4%
NyabonCat Ears 6%Riga Storaema 5%
Scyte MiteMithridate 10%Grotesque Shell 6%Poison 5%Vespine Stinger 3%Summon Insect 4%
Dullahammer HeadDullahammer Helm 5%Familiar: Dullahammer Head 2%
Buer ArmorIron Breastplate 8%Steel 8%RubySummon Buer 5%
WolfmanWool 12%Sinister Pelt 12%Wolf Hood 6%Lycan Claw 8%Beast Guardian 5%
Thunder ElementalEmerald 5%Resist Thunder 4%
Carriage MorteIron 8%Oak 4%Firearm Expertise 5%
DantalionStrange Leather 8%Tome Scrap 6%Familiar: Dantalion 4%
Rul’shaLemon 8%Flame Whip 4%Ruby 5%Sacred Shade 4%
DecarabiaDurable Leather 8%Circular Ripper 5%
Shovel ArmorShovel 6%Steel 10%Ex Shovel Armor 3%Sapphire 5%SSummon Shovel Armor 4%
MaledictionStonethaw 10%Harpe 3%Resist Petrification 2%
CelaenoStrawberry 10%Thunderbird Plume 8%G-Bone Steak 5%Monster Bird Hair 6%Teps Oceus 4%
Shield OutsiderMelting Bone 12%Silver 10%Steel Breastplate 4%Sinsiter skull 5%Directed Shield 5%
PuppySinister Fang 8%Damascus 5%resist Strike 5%
LiliLili Ears 8%Lili Tail 5%Bunnymorphosis 4%
AssasinAssasin’s Vest 5%Durable Rag 8%Assasin’s Ring 3%Flying Dagger 4%
DragonDragon Egg 5%Dragon Scale 8%Dragon Talons 5%Dragonic Rage 5%
Poison ToadMithridate 8%Toad Heart 8%Poison 4%Sinister Eye 5%Resist Poison 3%
SidheVespine Stinger 8%Stinger 4%Faerie Wing 5%Healing 4%
Bomber MorteGunpowder 10%Bolide Blast 4%
MimicGrotesque Shell 8%Damascus 5%Money Is Power 4%

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