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Bloons TD 6 A Quick Guide to Golden Bloons

Bloons TD 6 A Quick Guide to Golden Bloons

This Guide seeks to mentor Bloons Tower Defense players in encountering, exploiting, and exterminating golden bloons when they appear in your game. Below you shall find basics for the mechanics of the golden bloon, ways to exploit it’s weaknesses, as well as how to best destroy them in order to farm those golden bloon achievements. Use this guide to increase your golden bloon pops and pad that bank of Monkey Money for your account!

Golden Bloons: Mechanics

Golden Bloons are an event that spawns opposite the Monkey Team events and give small Monkey Money rewards each time they are popped. These bloons will spawn in any game type, with the notable exceptions of Deflation, CHIMPS, and Sandbox Games. They also do not spawn in Freeplay mode. As the game difficulty increases, Golden Bloons will drop more money per pop with basic golden bloons dropping between 2-5 monkey money, and fortified goldens dropping anywhere from 4-10. Map difficulty also plays a part in this increase.

  • Beginner Maps: 2-4
  • Intermediate Maps: 3-6
  • Advanced Maps: 4-8
  • Expert Maps: 5-10

Behavior Mechanics

Golden Bloons spawn at the beginning of their spawn rounds. They move slowly upon spawn, but upon taking damage they quickly advance to a new position on the map. After the first damage taken (which advances them forward) golden bloons have a chance to move forward or backwards upon taking damage. During the period where golden bloons are moving after an attack, they are immune to further damage (however they can be frozen and/or glued!).

Attribute Mechanics

Golden Bloons are immune to critical hits and instant-kill attacks. As the game progresses, golden bloons also gain additional properties/immunities in the following order:

  • Regular Golden
  • Camo
  • Camo + Lead
  • Camo + Lead + Fortified
  • Camo + Lead + Fortified + Purple
  • Camo + Lead + Fortified + Purple + Zebra

Golden Bloons will not cost lives if they are leaked.

Finally, the first golden bloon will spawn sometime in the 20s. Following the first spawn, another golden bloon will spawn around every 10 rounds (give or take a round or two). For best preparation, make sure what ever countermeasures you choose to incorporate are ready 8 rounds after each spawn.

Best Hero Counters

In order to counter Golden Bloons, there are two heroes which stand above the rest in my opinion. That said, other heroes have their benefits as well. Listed below are my ranking for hero counters to Golden Bloons, with some basic reasoning.


  • Benji – Economic growth for building countermeasures
  • Etienne – For map-wide camo detection (Needs 2-x-3 Ice Monkey Support)


  • Geraldo – Economic growth and totems for countermeasures
  • Pat Fusty – Can Stun Golden Bloons


  • Sauda – Quick damage and map sweep ability
  • Psi – Ability can stun Goldens

Unlisted heroes such as Gwendolyn have their uses, to be sure, but in my opinion, the heroes listed above are the best for countering Golden Bloons. That said, be careful with Etienne. His drones can cause more problems than they solve as they are quick to damage the golden and cause it to jump up or down the map (hence the Ice Monkey Support suggestion).

Best Tower Counters

The best towers for countering Golden Bloons, are, by far and away, Glue Gunners and Ice Monkeys. That said, Bomb towers have their place on this list as well, particularly as they can really support survival into the late game for more golden bloons to spawn.

When using these towers, particular upgrades and placements are key for optimal Golden Bloon farming. I heavily suggest a top path Bomb Tower toward the beginning of the track, supported with a middle path glue gunner. Along the track you want plenty of top path Glue Gunners to slow the golden and deal damage over time. I generally place heroes towards the middle of the track as well, and end my defenses with a cohort (three to four) Ice Monkeys.

Finally, Monkey Villages (particularly middle path villages) are extremely useful so your towers can continue targeting the Golden Bloon as it gains additional immunities such as camo and zebra. You will need one of these towers around your cohort of Ice Monkeys at the end. If there is a particular area of your map with a plethora of of Bomb Towers, Glue Gunners, and/or Ice Monkeys, having a 5-2-x Monkey Village is great both for the Primary benefits, and the ballista for damage. Remember, as much as you need to damage the Golden Bloon, you also need to survive each round for later Golden Bloon spawns.


  • 4-2-x Bomb Tower at beginning of track, and placed throughout
  • x-4-2 Glue Gunner at beginning of track
  • 4-2-x (or 4-x-2) Glue Gunners throughout the map
  • Heroes towards middle of map
  • Cohort of Ice Monkeys at end of track
  • 2-3-x Monkey Village at end with Ice Monkeys

Layouts and Screenshots

Here are some examples of maps with layouts illustrating some of the ideas outlined above. In all of these games I used Etienne to help with camo detection. Please note, these screenshots are not meant to serve as walkthroughs. They are simply exemplars for your potential benefit. All of these games were plated on hard mode, and in each game all six golden bloons that spawned were popped.

Example 1:
A Quick Guide to Golden Bloons

Example 2:
A Quick Guide to Golden Bloons

Example 3:
A Quick Guide to Golden Bloons

Example 4:
A Quick Guide to Golden Bloons

Relevant Achievements for this Guide

Directly Relevant Achievements:

So Shiny – Pop 20 Golden Bloons

  • Rewards: 50 Monkey Money; x-1-1 Ice Monkey

Glittering Gold – Pop 100 Golden Bloons

  • Rewards: 100 Monkey Money; 0-2-0 Glue Gunner

Glorious Gold – Pop 500 Golden Bloons

  • Rewards: 150 Monkey Money; 0-0-3 Sniper Monkey

Magical Gold – Pop 50 Golden Bloons in Magic Monkeys only mode

  • Rewards: 150 Monkey Money; 0-0-3 Ninja Monkey

Sticky Situation – Glue 500,000 Bloons

  • Rewards: 0-0-0 Glue Gunner; 5 Glue Traps

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