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Bloons TD 6 – How to turn on and use the tower hotkeys

This guide will show you how to turn on the hotkeys for placing towers and what all of them are, It also goes over all the miscellaneous other hotkeys throughout the game.

How to turn on the hotkeys

Start up any game and then click on the gear in the top right corner.

once in this menu simply click on the empty circle next to “Click & Drop” to switch your controls, you will also no longer have to hold down the mouse for every tower you place.

and just like that your done!

What the hotkeys are

The hotkeys for placing towers go as follows:

Hero: U

Primary Towers
Dart Monkey: Q
Boomerang Monkey: W
Bomb Shooter: E
Tack Shooter: R
Ice Monkey: T
Glue Gunner: Y

Military Towers
Sniper Monkey: Z
Monkey sub: X
Monkey Buccaneer: C
Monkey Ace: V
Heli Pilot: B
Mortar Monkey: N

Magic Towers
Wizard Monkey: A
Super Monkey: S
Ninja Monkey: D
Alchemist: F
Druid: G

Support towers
Banana Farm: H
Spike Factory: J
Monkey Village: K

Place Multiple of selected tower: Hold down Shift, until you let go you will not deselect the monkey after placing it

This may look like a mess at first until you see that every category has all its towers next to eachother on the same row of keys.

Miscellaneous hotkeys

These are all other hotkeys throughout the game.

Powers hotkeys
Road Spikes: 1
MOAB Mine: 2
Glue Trap: 3
Camo Trap: 4
Banana Farmer: 5
Tech Bot: 6
Energizing Totem: 7
Pontoon: 8
Portable lake: 9

Upgrades hotkeys:
Upgrade top path: <
Upgrade middle path: >
Upgrade bottom path: ?

Round start, and turining off and on fast forward: Space Bar

Sell selected tower: Back Space

Change tower targeting: Tab (dosen’t currently work for Mortar Monkey)

Sandbox hotkeys:
Send red bloon: 1
Send blue bloon: 2
Send green bloon: 3
Send yellow bloon: 4
Send pink bloon: 5
Send black bloon: 6
Send purple bloon: 7
Send white bloon: 8
Send lead bloon: 9
Send zebra bloon: 0
Send rainbow bloon: –
Send ceramic bloon: =
Send M.O.A.B: O
Send B.F.B: P
Send Z.O.M.G: [
Send D.D.T: ]
Send B.A.D: \

Written by Dinkleberger

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