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Borderlands 3 Fast Forward Guide

How does “Fast Forward” work in Co-op?

If you join another player that is farther along in the main story than you and complete a critical path mission while in their game as a guest, then when you go back into you Single Player game you will be placed back at whatever mission you were on before you joined the multiplayer session. Once you reach the start of a main story mission you already completed as a guest in another player’s session, you will receive a prompt asking you if you’d like to fast forward through the mission(s) that you’ve already completed. If you say yes then the game will skip your character through the mission(s) you completed and put you at the start of the nearest mission you have not completed.

NOTE 1: This does not apply to Side Missions. Any side mission you complete in multiplayer will show as completed when you return to single player and you cannot replay the mission in that play-through.

NOTE 2:  If you choose to play through the Main Story Mission(s) that you already completed in multiplayer you will not receive the rewards for that mission a second time since you already obtained them in the multiplayer session.

NOTE 3: Fast Forwarding is play-through specific, meaning if you join a friend that is in True Vault Hunter Mode and complete some missions with them, you will not have the option to skip those missions once you return to your play-through 1 campaign. You will, however, be prompted with the Fast Forwarding option when you reach those missions in TVHM as well.

Can I “Fast Forward” through missions while in multiplayer?

No. If you return to your own hosted game session after completing missions as a guest and allow other users to join your session as guests, then you will not receive the option to Fast Forward through previously completed missions. This feature is only available if you reach the start of those previously completed missions while playing in Single Player mode.

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