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Borderlands 3 Healers and Dealers Walkthrough

Healers and Dealers Walkthrough

You’ll find Healers and Dealers just after meeting Lorelei on Promethea, in the Meridian Outskirts.

  1. Having accepted the Side Mission, head out to your Quest Marker in your Vehicle.
  2. When you reach it, you’ll need to enter the building on foot. Note that you’ll also find an Eridian Writing here too, but you can’t read it at the moment.
  3. Inside, find Ace Baron and talk to him. He’ll ask you to track down several items, which will take a bit of time and traveling. It’s best to just collect them as you continue your main mission.
  4. The first Quest Marker will be a man named Hardin. It can be a pain to climb up to him, since you can’t move forward as you climb the ladder. When you do manage to stay on the platform, find him and talk to him.
  5. You’ll have to either intimidate Hardin, OR just pay him. I recommend paying him.
  6. Either way, get the Meds and Blood Packs you need from him, and proceed to the next Quest Marker.
  7. The second Quest Marker isn’t far away. When you get there, and enemy vehicle will emerge; follow it and destroy it.
  8. Once it’s been destroyed, claim the Meds and Blood Packs from the wreckage, and continue to the third Quest Marker.
  9. Inside, you’ll need to fight off several Ratchlings, including a Badass Ratchling. This will be a bit difficult, so be careful!
  10. Once you’ve cleared out the enemies, claim the last of the Meds and Blood Packs.
  11. Next, head back to Ace Baron, and place the items you gathered.
  12. Ace will ask you for a little more help, giving you an Empty Blood Pack. Take it, and help him by putting it on his arm.
  13. After…that, pick up the Blood Pack and give it to Ace. You’ll complete the mission, receiving your rewards.

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