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Bugsnax Snakpod Locations

The location of every Snakpod in Bugsnax, and how to fill the ‘5 Snakpods in 30 seconds’ request.

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1: Garden Grove – Crispy Snakpod

Garden Grove is likely the easiest area for completing the 5 Snakpods in 30 seconds request. This is one possible route. You might be able to swap number 4 and 5 if you have trouble getting up the narrow stones.

Snakpod Locations

To the right of the gate to Snaxburg is Beffica’s cave. Just inside the entrance the cave, turn right, and the Snakpod is on the wall.

Snakpod Locations-1
From Beffica’s cave, turn right, jump over the rocks and trees to the ground below. Follow the rock wall to the right, into an alcove, where you’ll find a Ketchup plant and the second Snakpod on the backside of a tree.

Snakpod Locations-2
From the tree, go straight into the Fryders’ overhang, and turn left, toward the stairs to the upper level. You’ll find the Snakpod on the pillar.

Snakpod Locations-3
Hop up the stacked stones directly into Wambus’ old farm. Straight ahead, behind the Weenieworm corral, is Snakpod number four.

Snakpod Locations-4
Turn left, and head down the root-covered ramp toward the dirt stairs. The last Snakpod is high on the left wall, just past the final roots.

2: Flavor Falls – Twisty Snakpod

There is one Snakpod that is inaccessible until later in the game, as it’s locked behind quest progress.

Snakpod Locations-5
To the left of the gate to Garden Grove is a small alcove in the wall. You can just walk up and grab the first Snakpod.

Snakpod Locations-6
Turn around and follow the stream to the left into the small canyon, where you’ll find a Pinkle and two Strabbies. Follow the right wall to duck under some branches; keep along this path past another Pinkle, up some stairs, and duck under a rock overhang. As soon as you’re past the overhang, turn around and look up to find the Snakpod.

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Snakpod Locations-7
Hop down from the ledge to where the Pinkle and Strabbies are. Continue along the right wall and hop up the short cliff to find where you woke up on your arrival. The Snakpod is hanging on the end of the broken bridge.

Snakpod Locations-8
From here, go through the waterfall and along the upward path to the ledge where the Inchwrap lurks. As soon as you’re out of the cave, look left and up under the waterfall to find the Snakpod high on the cliff.

Snakpod Locations-9
The fifth Snakpod can’t be found until you help Chandlo defeat Mama Mewon, since the door is locked. Once the boss is defeated, the Snakpod is high up on a root, across from the door and behind the boss’s statue.

3: Simmering Springs – Grumpy Snakpod

Snakpod Locations-10
The first Snakpod is almost impossible to miss. It’s in the spring right next to the gate to Snaxburg.

Snakpod Locations-11
Head to the right past Gramble’s old camp to the Bugball training course. The Snakpod is on the wall to the left.

Snakpod Locations-12
Straight ahead from Gramble’s camp, hop up the cliff made of rocks and spring pools. On your left will be Wiggle’s old spot. Drop down to the right side instead, and you should be right next to the Snakpod.

Snakpod Locations-13
In the ocean are two stone pillars. One has a Sweetiefly, the other has the Snakpod on the side.

Snakpod Locations-14
Up the wooden ramp, heading back towards the Snaxburg gate, you’ll find the Snakpod hidden high on a bent-over tree.

4: Scorched Gorge – Puffy Snakpod

Snakpod Locations-15
Head up the wooden ramp on the left side of the canyon and you can see the Snakpod on the pillar in the center.

Snakpod Locations-16
Across the short bridge next to Cromdo’s tent is a windmill with the Snakpod clinging to one of the blades.

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Snakpod Locations-17
Drop down into the narrow gap between Cromdo’s tent and the BBQ Bunger’s ledge, take a few steps toward Triffany’s excavation site, and you can snag the Snakpod from the wall with your net.

Snakpod Locations-18
This Snakpod is In an alcove above Triffany’s camp.

Snakpod Locations-19
The last Snakpod is clinging to the underside of the bridge leading to Sizzlin’ Sands. Be careful of the Scorpenyo when trying to grapple this one.

5: Boiling Bay – Fruity Snakpod

Snakpod Locations-20
The first Snakpod is close to the gate to Simmering Sands, just before the first lava floe. It’s hiding inside the broken barrel.

Snakpod Locations-21
Next to the barrel is a chain of small islands leading to a pair of palm trees. The Snakpod is in the grass between them.

Snakpod Locations-22
The third Snakpod is across the water, in the bones of the wrecked ship.

Snakpod Locations-23
Back on shore, you’ll find the fourth Snakpod on the mast high above Floofty’s old home.

Snakpod Locations-24
To the right of Floofty’s boathouse is the entrance to the volcano. Turn left once you’re inside to see the Snakpod on the wall between the entrance and the lavafall.

6: Sizzlin’ Sands – Meaty Snakpod

Snakpod Locations-25
The first Snakpod is on a pillar by the pyramid, near Shelda’s camp.

Snakpod Locations-26
A Snakpod is clinging to the roof of the Grumpus statue where you can also find the Cheese plants.

The last three Snakpods are all in the underground area where you had to lead the Black Razzby to Shelda.

Snakpod Locations-27
This Snakpod is sneakily hiding behind the pillar next to the Black Razzby.

Snakpod Locations-28
The next Snakpod is behind one of the Scorpepper statues in the second room.

Snakpod Locations-29
After you take the springboard to exit the Razzby maze, turn around to find the last Snakpod on the inside wall of the dome.

7: Sugarpine Woods – Nutty Snakpod

Snakpod Locations-30
This Snakpod is in a small cave to the right of the pond below Snorpy and Chandlo’s cabin. Use the Snakgrappler to dislodge the rocks covering it.

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Snakpod Locations-31
The next Snakpod is on the back side of a stone near the first.

Snakpod Locations-32
A Snakpod is behind the backboard of the basketball net in the area where you learned how to use the Snakgrappler.

Snakpod Locations-33
On the opposite end of the upper plateau is a small hot spring where you can find a Snakpod clinging above the surface.

Snakpod Locations-34
The last Snakpod is on the chimney of Snorpy and Chandlo’s cabin, but it is a little awkward to grab. You might be able to get it with the Snakgrappler from the small hill to the right, between the pine trees, or place a Lunchpad there to launch yourself onto the roof to grab the Snakpod with the net.

8: Frosted Peak – Melty Snakpod

Note: Many Melty Snakpods blend in with the landscape, so I’ve tried to highlight them to make their location easier to see. Of all the maps, I’m not sure if this one is possible to do the 5 Snakpods request, Also, this is the only Snakpod that counts as having chocolate, so it can count towards the ‘change a Grumpus into 8 chocolate Bugsnax‘ request.

Snakpod Locations-35
From the entrance to Sugarpine Woods, turn left, and follow the cliff edge until you reach the igloo and the Grumpus-head-shaped cave. The Snakpod is behind a tooth.

Snakpod Locations-36
In the cave where you met Eggabell, there’s a Snakpod on the ceiling.

Snakpod Locations-37
The next Snakpod is even harder to see. From the Sugarpine Woods gate, go up the path to the right, until you reach the gap between the last green tree and a fence. The Snakpod is high up the cliff facing this gap.

Snakpod Locations-38
This Snakpod is easier to see. Keep going up the mountain, through the Stewdler’s cave, and turn right at the fence with the colorful ribbons. Look up at the frozen waterfall to find the Snakpod on the peak of the ice.

Snakpod Locations-39
Continue up the mountain to the frozen campsite at the top. The last Snakpod is on the tent.

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