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Captain of Industry Soil Test (All Soil Types)

See how far various soil types spread when dumped.

Description of my soil test

I wanted to know how far various types of soil would spread when dumped in a pile. I tested all available soil to me in my game.

Test Results

Without wait, here are the test results from a height of 5:

Soil TypeDistance
Slag Crushed8
Iron Ore3
Copper Ore3


Soil Test
Soil Test-1
Soil Test-2
Soil Test-3


I’m not surprised by the results, this seems very realistic, much like other features of this game.

We could use this knowledge to create a “wall” of rock or slag before dumping waste in the ocean.

I also noticed that when digging the results are very similar. It’s harder to test this because when digging you can’t guarantee to get a single type of soil. For example, when digging into Coal/Iron/Copper we usually get some dirt/rock/gravel, and there could be a top level of dirt as well. So results may vary.

However, if the soil is mostly Coal/Iron/Copper or even Rock, I may not bother with retaining wall as using them (especially staggered every 5 levels) will result in taking much more space.

Written by Undying29

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