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Car Mechanic Simulator 2021 All base game Car Values

So, we’ve all been there; our first trip to the Junkyard, and just about enough cash to buy our first project car… But what cars are worth the most at the end of your investment? Worry no more, now you can size up your potential money sink… Investment options.

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(Notes: These values do not wholly correlate to the final price you will earn in game; but they do give a good estimate when weighing potential options.)

Car Mechanic Simulator 2021 Car Values

Vehicle ConfigValueVehicle Config1ValueVehicle Config2ValueVehicle Config3Value
Bolt Atlanta51511Bolt Atlanta Trespasser61601Bolt Atlanta F-Mill38701Bolt Atlanta Supercharged64369
Bolt Cape MK454952Bolt Cape MK4 F-Mill45055Bolt Cape MK4 Supercharged70500
Bolt Cape MK768497
Bolt Cargo57309Bolt Cargo EXPRESS96146
Bolt Chapman58964Bolt Chapman F-Mill43249
Bolt Hornet69085
Bolthorn Grand Mojave75912Bolthorn Grand Mojave Storm103158
Bolt Mosquito MK591318
Bolt Mosquito MK697120
Bolt Reptilia70016Bolt Reptilia S89531Bolt Reptilia D\R88962
Bolt Reptilia R290535Bolt Reptilia R2 SUPERCHARGED116460
Bolt Rollett63316Bolt Rollett F-Mill47552
Bolt Supernova55120
Castor Avalanche83665
Chieftain Bandit74072Chieftain Bandit Shiv96746
Chieftain TBX72181Chieftain TBX 2C87474
DC Typhoon88648
Delray Custom71381Delray Custom FURY94261
Delray Highroad77097
Delray Winchester55325
Echos Cobra112010Echos Cobra VENOM112010
Echos Imperator90728Echos Imperator MOMPA EDITION124521
Edgewood Hellcat53458Edgewood Hellcat D\R71835
Edgewood Wildcat56573
Elenti Callope87500Elenti Callope BONTROPE88123
Emden Jager52861Emden Jager TG63056
Emden Lotz60544Emden Lotz GT60804
FMW Panther MK297388FMW Panther MK2 Performance124005
FMW Panther MK139676FMW Panther MK1 Performance55823
FMWRoadster82652FMWRoadster Sport96514
FMW Sentinel105426FMW Sentinel Sport99734FMW Sentinel Performance116342
Griffin Tyro62767
Hinata Kagura SX94437Hinata Kagura SX OVE93618
Hinata Moon MK258236Hinata Moon MK2 Mangetsu71151
Hinata Moon MK155560Hinata Moon MK1 SUN RISE65079
Katagiri Katsumoto34079Katagiri Katsumoto xTEK56015
Katagiri Tamago38975Katagiri Tamago xTEK59196
Lacroix Fret42958Lacroix Fret Voyage44124
Luxor Baronne62546
Luxor Bowen67360
Luxor Goldtrail78712
Mayen M378466Mayen M3 AWD87311
Mayen M654329
Mayen M891188Mayen M8 R150529
Mioveni Urs47600
Morena Bizzarini178999Morena Bizzarini Spettacolo207805
Olsen Grand Club103528
Olsen GTR113128Olsen GTR AMC336576
Ribbsan Starline75878Ribbsan Starline MISO98034
Ribbsan Z53072005Ribbsan Z530 F SPEC86209
Rino Bianco41362Rino Bianco ECO TURBO42550
Rino Piccolo36536Rino Piccolo ECOTEC37025
Royale Crown54605
Royale Town39072Royale Town LITE41535
Sakura GT2074636
Sakura Supa109619Sakura Supa ZJX127146
Sakura Takumi53536Sakura Takumi VELIN58951
Sakura Yaro36253
Salem 150048418Salem 1500 XL76306
Salem Earthquake89228
Salem Earthquake Rex124459
Salem Flamo38695Salem Flamo 6B48223
Salem GW50075895
Salem Kieran50836Salem Kieran FWD Turbo71610
Salem Overking70168
Salem Spectre103119Salem Spectre SR111182
Salem Spectre Fastback66342Salem Spectre Fastback 50094603Salem Spectre Fastback 28971818
Sceo LX55070352Sceo LX550 S82386Sceo LX550 SC95115
*Sixon Cebulion82699Sixon Cebulion QP48573
Tempest Magnum182322Tempest Magnum SC550103295Tempest Magnum Flatface Proto90896
Vallsen 204097110
Zephyr L-Series57912
Written by Luna Sakara

2 thoughts on “Car Mechanic Simulator 2021 All base game Car Values”

  1. your “Tempest Magnum” seems to be WRONG. its not $182,322

    i bought one from auction for 38K i got so excited with the prospect of gaining a 140K profit

    after stripping it down to the last part and replacing it with 100% condition parts i was only able to sell it for around 70K+

  2. I think a few prices are SERIOUSLY over inflated. Of the two biggest offenders, the first was addressed in the comments already. The second being the Olsen GTR AMC… I have built 3 of these now and the best I could pull was around 180k. I took the time and did EVERT PART 3* and every performance part to get 185k. the rest seem accurate but the magnum and the Olsen AMC seem really off


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