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Children of Morta How to Beat Babylon

Children of Morta Babylon

Babylon can launch homing ranged attacks, which can be devastating for ranged characters. These homing projectiles must be destroyed or they will chase you forever, and to top it off, he can chase you whilst with a circle of fire surrounding him, this can deal a lot of damage as well. Missiles will be aimed at you from the launchers on the corners, luckily you can predict where it will land by the crosshair on the floor.

You can actually use these missiles to damage Babylon, and they will deal a lot of damage, too. Despite the fact that this boss seems to be thought out to counter ranged characters, I beat it my first time with Linda. If you play with Linda, make sure you have the Rage skill unlocked, you can deal an immense amount of damage and grab any Totem Divine Relics you can find, the reason for this is that stationary buffs are great for ranged characters or characters that need to stay in place, like Linda and Lucy. Combine all of this together and Babylon will go down easily.

Boss Stats

A table with all the stats of bosses in Children of Morta.

BossBase DamageBase Move SpeedBase HealthBase ArmorBase CriticalBase ResistHit Cancel ResistPushback ResistDeath XP RewardMove Imparing
Spider King20.666400202002005000.7
Goblin King11.864800202002004000.7
Goblin Queen1164800202002004000.7
Dead Boise274.517840202002008300.7
Scorpion King29.425.516780203003008500.5

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