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Cities: Skylines – How to Make Good Tram Lines?

Creating a good tram line is really easy!

1. Introduction

In this guide you will learn how to make tram lines overflow with passengers and bring profits.

What more to say? Get ready!

2. Why trams?

Ok, but I have buses too. Why I should use trams?

1. They have better capacity.
2. They looks nice.
3. They are quieter than bus.
4. They looks nice.
5. Thanks to separate lanes and tracks, they do not stand in traffic jams.
6. Did I already mention that they looks nice?

3. Ok, and what next?

If you are just starting to build a city and want to build trams in it, it is a good idea to plan the future tram line. Leave some space for the tracks and the loops. When you are ready to put up the first tracks, remember to place the depot near the route. From this place your trams will be leaving for the route. Then start building the tracks and then mark the first line.

4. Okay, but how do I get a good tram line?

1.Your trams should go from residential areas to other zones. Citizens prefer to travel from their homes to work and shops. Logical, isn’t is?

2. Remember also about students who wants to get to school. However, making line to one primary school is not a good idea. Make stops nearby. It’s enough.

3. Avoid 2-lane roads with tram tracks. Trams stopping at the stop block traffic, and they will also wait in a traffic jam (if it will be).

4. A great idea is to create transfer loops at the end of each line. The second loop should be somewhere far away. This is shown in this drawing.

If Michael wanted to get to work, he would take trams number 2 and 4. Michael’s son would take trams 2 and 1 to get to school, and tourist from the central station would get to the space elevator and the old town. None of them needs a car.

5. Please, do not make a line in the shape of a circle. They are unrealistic and do not perform as well as those from point A to point B.

6. Does long tram lines make sense? Yes! In addition to short lines, I always make fast tram lines. They have few stops, but on each of them you can change to a tram of a different line, shorter and going more deeply into a zone.

7.The number of tram lines depends on the city. There are 22 tram lines in my ninety-thousand city, while in another city, one hundred and twenty thousand, there are 14 of them.

5. Ending

Now you know how to use this beautiful type of transport, which are trams. Have fun!

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