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Crush Crush Peanut DX Date S Tier Guide

A guide on how to 100% the new Peanut DX Date in Crush Crush.

Crush Crush Peanut DX Date S Tier Guide

Note: At the time of writing, this feature is only in the beta branch. It may appear in the full game soon.

The DX date is a brand new feature you can purchase in the in-game store for 2 dollars. Once you’ve unlocked Peanut from the Phone Flings and take her all the way to lover level, you will be given the option to take her on this special new date. Time blocks won’t be an issue as unlike the other dates, it will cost you 0 time blocks to do.

Unlike the other dates, this isn’t just some art that pops up. It’s a whole dating sim style game, which mechanically plays like the dates in Sad Panda’s other game Hush Hush. Your goal is to fill up the date bar to S tier (symbolized by all 5 hearts filled up on the progress bar.)

Some choices will make your heart meter shoot way up, others will bring it down. This guide will show you how to get to 100% on this new feature.

How to Get S Tier

Here are the choices you will need to 100%. I only wrote out the beginnings of each line.

  • Hey, I don’t care
  • I can try
  • Sounds… specific
  • You seem stressed
  • Hehe… Maybe
  • Okay, let’s whisper.
  • Probably, but also I don’t care
  • I keep emergency snacks
  • Maybe. Depends.
  • Fair enough. It’s a date!
  • Screw your homework!
  • You’re cute when you’re shy.
  • Pick up the pen (Masturbation scene goes here)
  • That’s freaking hot.
  • Take me anywhere

Alternately, to unlock a variant of the masturbation scene but with panties on Instead of “Fair enough. It’s a date!” select “Let’s buy tickets to three showings” instead. From there, pick up the pen again and continue as usual. This variant will only give you 99% and will not unlock the final heart, but it’s there for anyone who wants to see everything there is to see.

Happy dating!

Written by Tr4pD00r

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