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Cyberpunk 2077 Dexter Deshawn Job Guide

Dexter Deshawn Job Guide

Fixers like Dexter or better known as “Dex” juggle illegal contracts – burglaries, assassinations, kidnappings, trafficking, you name it. They do it for a price, of course. They’re links between clients and mercenaries. In Night City, fixers aren’t far and between, but Dexter is exceptional. He’s a top-level player, with a wide net of contacts and the best mercenaries on demand.

Dexter “Dex” Deshawn is a legendary fixer from the Afterlife merc circles. He works only with the best, and now, upon returning to Night City from an extended “holiday” – he wants to hire V’s crew to pull off a huge heist. He intends to steal Arasaka’s prototype tech, the Relic. To be in with Dex for an up-and-comer like V… it’s once in a lifetime.

Dexter Deshawn Jobs

  1. The Ride
  2. The Heist

1. The Ride Walkthrough

The Ride is automatically acquired after completing The Ripperdoc.

Talk To Jackie

  • You’ll obtain this main job automatically after testing out the newly installed Cyberware given by Viktor during The Ripperdoc quest. So you’ll still find yourself in Viktor’s Clinic. Apart from acquiring this main job, you’ll also acquire the Paid in Full Side Job which requires you to pay off your debt to Viktor.
  • Now, go outside the clinic and head back to Misty’s Esoterica where you’ll find Jackie and Misty. Approach Jackie and he’ll give you intel regarding Dex’s location. He’ll mention that he’s waiting for you near Gramsci Burgers.
  • Once you have the intel, the location of the next objective will be automatically marked with a waypoint.
  • Before you head outside, you’ll receive another call from Regina. Answer the call and she’ll just tell you about the number of cyberpsycho attacks in the city.
  • Next, head outside Misty’s shop and follow the waypoint, you can drive there or just go on foot towards where Dex is parked. Head inside his car once you’ve arrived.

The Job

  • Now, you’ll have quite a “business” conversation with Dex as you go around the city in his car. He’ll ask you first how you want to be known in the city? Basically a nobody or a legend. You’ll be given three dialogue options to answer him. Just humor him if you want to and answer his question. Eventually, he’ll tell you about the job he has for you.
  • After asking him why he chose to meet you in person, you can go ahead and ask him more about the job which requires you to get a hold of a prototype biochip tech that belongs to Arasaka. As the conversation goes, Dexter asks you to try and do this job as clean as possible.
  • V then asks what the plan is and Dex mentions two parts, (1) resolve an issue with the Maelstrom boys and (2), rendezvous with the client. You can then go ahead and ask Dex more about the Maelstrom issue and the client. You’ll learn that the client’s name is Evelyn Parker. As for the Maelstrom, Dex hands you a shard. Take it and you’ll learn more.
  • After Dex gives you more intel, ask about Meredith and/or Royce. Once Dex gives you more data, step out of the limo and you’ll receive another call from Regina. Once you’re done speaking to Regina, you’ll get another call, this time from Jackie. Answer it and tell Jackie about the intel you gathered from Dex.
  • Now, it’s up to you how you want to go on next. If you answer Jackie by starting off with the Client, you’ll acquire the next Main Job, The Information, if you choose to check on the Maelstrom issue, then you’ll acquire The Pickup main job.
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2. The Heist Walkthrough

The Heist is acquired from Dex after completing The Pickup and The Information.

Report to Dex

  • This job becomes available after completing The Pickup and The Information.
  • After you speak to Dex, he’ll ask you to meet him at the Afterlife bar. A waypoint will automatically be indicated on the mini-map regardless if you’re coming from Lizzie’s Bar or All Foods Warehouse. You’ll find the bar at the south end of Little China.
  • When you arrive, introduce yourselves to the Bouncer at the entrance with Jackie and once you’re in, sit by the bar. Here, you’ll meet Claire, the bartender.
  • After having a drink and a conversation, Dex’s bodyguard will arrive and escorts the both of you to a private room.
  • Once you’re with Dex, place the Flathead inside the case and sit on the chair.
  • Dex then asks you how it went with Evelyn. You can tell him that she plans to cut him loose and by choosing this answer, Dex will increase your share to 40%.
  • If not, the option to bargain with him later is still available but he won’t go above 35%. After the conversation, ask Dex about the next job and take Dex’s shard to find the intel.
  • After going through the plan, you can either say yes to Jackie to start the job or put it on hold if you want to roam around the city first and do something else.
  • If you’re ready to head to Konpeki Plaza, grab the Militech Suit that’s on the booth’s table, put it on, and head to the parking lot outside Afterlife where a Delamain cab is waiting for you.
  •  Get inside the vehicle and wait for Jackie. Once you’re prompted by the Delamain, [Jack in] the terminal to provide your identities.

Konpenki Plaza

  • When you arrive at the hotel, follow Jackie and head to the front desk. Speak to the officer and you’ll obtain additional dialogue depending on your chosen Life Path.
  • When the receptionist mentions that they’ll notify Taki-san about your arrival, T-Bug tells you to stop the bot from doing so. Make sure to choose the dialogue option before the timer runs out. Shortly after, the receptionist will follow your orders. Next, just place your hand on the front desk panel.
  • Once you’re all checked-in, follow Jackie and ride the lift to your suite which is on the 42nd floor. Alternatively, you can check out the hotel’s bar where you’ll encounter a drunk guest. You can also buy drinks if you want.
  • If you’re looking for an easter egg, you can find a cameo of Hideo Kojima by the couch on the right side of the bar. You’ll find him having a conversation with some guests at the hotel.
  • Once you’ve checked out the bar, ride the lift and head to the suite.
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Operation: Flathead

  • When you’re inside the room, speak to T-Bug, and scan the room to look for an entry point for the Flathead. You’ll find a shaft cover by the window on the right side.
  • Once the Flathead breaches through the shaft, take the control shard from Jackie and wait for T-Bug to hook you into the CCTV.
  • Now when you’ve taken control of the system, you will need to find a way for the Flathead to move forward via the vents.
  • You’ll start off at 45: Sunstone Suite. Look over to the top right, above the guard, and scan the shaft grate. Once it’s in the vents and is in the next room, scan for the tech shaft that’s by the window on the left side near the hotel’s housekeeper.
  • But in order for the Flathead to pass, you need to make a distraction. Simply scan the terrarium AC unit that’s on the right side near the entrance to lower its temperature. Once the housekeeper moves, quickly look at the tech shaft on the left and order the Flathead to move.
  • Inside the security room, there are two points that you’ll need to scan. First is the network node room door then the access point for the CCTV that’s on the left. When the Flathead’s connected, switch the camera to check the dweller’s room.
  • Next, scan the netrunner chair on the right, followed by the shaft grate that’s on the left. After scanning the shaft, switch the camera back in the security room and scan the other shaft grate that’s on the right side.
  • Once the Flathead’s inside the dweller’s room, scan the Netrunner chair for the Flathead to hack the dweller. When T-Bug is prepared and after talking to Jackie, ride the life to reach Yourinobu’s Suite.

Infiltrate Yorinobu’s Penthouse

  • Once you’re inside the penthouse, you need to grab the biochip that’s hidden inside a safe that’s built into the floor. If you remember, you’ve identified where the safe was during the Braindance sequence in The Information. It will be automatically marked when you’re in the penthouse, so all you have to do is scan it.
  • Now, you need to find the switch to reveal the safe. But before doing so, make sure you look around to find some data packets and also access the terminal nearby to read some messages.
  • You’ll find the switch on the left nightstand by the bed. Interact with it and also, don’t forget to grab a weapon that’s on the other nightstand. Get to the safe and [Jack in] so that you can retrieve the relic. Once the safe is open, wait for Jackie to grab the case.
  • Just as when you’re about to head out, Yorinobu’s just about to walk in. Turn around and hide inside the maintenance shaft. Here, you’ll have to just listen to the conversation between Yorinobu and Saburo. When they’re done, the next objective is to escape with the package.
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Escape Konpenki Plaza

  • Once the room is clear, step out of the hiding area and choose “Gotta get us out of here, T.” during the timed dialogue option.
  • Escape through the window just as T-Bug tells you to, but before doing so, T-Bug will be cut off. Now, before heading outside the window, you can take a detour first so you can obtain a katana.
  • To grab the weapon, head up the stairs that lead to the rooftop. It’s a dead-end where you’ll encounter two guards. If you’re careful and watch how they move, you can take them out with stealth. Also, don’t forget to check the penthouse for some items.
  • Now, head to the window and make your way to the ladder. Just before you reach it, security forces will see you, and V is forced to jump alongside Jackie.
  • At this point, the case of the chip is damaged and you’ll receive a call from Evelyn Parker. She tells V that one of you needs to slot the chip into the neural port. Regardless of the dialogue options you choose, Jackie ends up putting the chip into his port.
  • When both of you are back up, you’ll now need to make your way down, back to Delamain’s cab, and fight through Arasaka forces. How you choose to approach the combat sequence is up to you.
  • Upon reaching the garage, ride the Delamain cab to escape. The job isn’t over yet since you’ll be pursued by Arasaka drones.
  • Now, while you’re in the vehicle. Jackie, unfortunately, is dying. You’ll have dialogue options here that you can choose that will either unlock an exclusive side job or obtain additional dialogue and scenes at the later part of the game.
  • First, choose the dialogue option where V asks Delamain to bring them to a Ripperdoc and then follow up with “Think about Misty! You’ll see her soon!”.
  • Just before Jackie dies, he gives V the biochip and plugs it into his/her neural port. The Delamain then asks you where it should bring Jackie’s body. If you ask it to send his body to his family, you’ll unlock an exclusive side job, specifically Heroes. But if you ask him to send Jackie’s body to Viktor’s clinic, you’ll unlock extra dialogue and scenes at the latter part of the game.
  • Next, choose the option to touch Jackie’s shoulder before stepping out of the car. Once you’re out, head to room 204 of No-Tell Motel and rendezvous with Dex.

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