Cyberpunk 2077 For Whom The Bell Tolls Walkthrough

Cyberpunk 2077 Jobs

To unlock this job, complete Nocturne Op55N1 and at the balcony rooftop with Johnny Sivlerhand, choose the dialogue where you ask for Rogue’s help to infiltrate Arasaka Tower.

Rewards: Retrothrusters

For Whom The Bell Tolls Walkthrough


  • Meet with Rogue.
  • Talk to Rogue.
  • Follow Weyland.
  • Talk to Rogue.
  • Take the Retrothrusters.
  • (Optional) Gear up.
  • Go to the netrunner’s room.
  • Put on the netrunner’s suit.
  • Sit on the netrunner’s chair.
  • Go back to Rogue.
  • Follow Rogue.
  • Take the elevator to the roof.
  • Get in the AV.


  • After choosing the decision to ask for Rogue’s help, your first objective is to head to the Afterlife to meet with Rogue.
  • For the option of choosing for Rogue’s help to become available, players must complete Rogue’s side jobs which are Chippin’ In and Blistering Love.
  • Next, run through Nocturne Op55N1 and at the balcony rooftop with Johnny Sivlerhand, choose the dialogue where you ask for Rogue’s help to infiltrate Arasaka Tower. Your first objective then is to meet Rogue at the Afterlife, you’ll find her in the same booth where you first met her. Take note that Johnny has taken over V’s body the moment you arrive at the Afterlife.
  • After the conversation with Rogue, 20 hours will pass. Simply follow Weyland where you’ll meet up with Rogue again. Now, it’s time to gear up. Head behind the bar and collect any weapon you want and stock up ammo, as well as items. Next, grab the Retrothrusters which enables V to double-jump. And when you’re ready, speak to Rogue and take the shard to begin the briefing.
  • Next, head to the netrruner’s room and put on the suit before entering cyberspace. Here, you will have to talk to the AI of Alt Cunningham.
  • After the cyberspace sequence, return to Rogue and tell her you’re ready to leave the area and to prepare for infiltrating Arasaka Tower.
  • You’ll ride the elevator with Rogue to the roof and ride the AV to Arasaka. Next up is Knockin’ on Heaven’s Door.

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