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Cyberpunk 2077 Forward To Death Walkthrough

How to unlock:

This quest is automatically acquired after completing We Gotta Live Together.

Forward To Death Walkthrough


  • Follow Panam.
  • Take the shard from Saul.
  • Use the drone to scan the construction site.
  • Talk to Saul and Panam.
  • Enter the panzer when you’re ready.
  • Follow Saul.
  • Exit the Basilisk.
  • Protect the panzer during repair.
  • Enter the Basilisk.
  • Eliminate all enemies in the area. (11/11)
  • Ram your way through the bridge. (2/2)
  • Ram the gate.
  • Exit the Basilisk.
  • Neutralize all enemies. (8/8)
  • Wait for Mitch and Carol.
  • Escort Mitch and Carol.
  • Neutralize Militech forces. (20/20)
  • Prepare for enemy reinforcements.
  • Neutralize Militech forces. (13/13)
  • Wait for the Aldecaldos to regroup.
  • Exit the Basilisk.
  • Neutralize Militech’s strike team. (11/11)
  • Return to the construction site.
  • Drive into the tunnel.


The Construction Site

  • Players will automatically shift to this job after We Gotta Live Together. Follow Panam back to the Aldecaldos’ camp and take the shard from Saul to begin scanning the construction site.
  • You’ll now need o scan the construction site by using the drone. Make sure you carefully check the layout to familiarize yourself with it. The area ahead is heavily-guarded so you want to make sure to check each section of the site and after you’re done scanning, make further preparations before moving out – when you’re good to go, just enter the panzer and follow Saul to the site.
  • Once you approach the construction site, the panzer will unfortunately malfunction. So while Panam fixes it, you need to get out and take out the drones while protecting the panzer. The best way to deal with this is by using a sniper rifle – once it’s all clear, enter the Basilisk.
  • Continue following Saul and eliminate the enemies along the way, ram your way through the bridge, and then destroy the gate. When you’re through the gate, exit the Basilisk and kill the remaining enemies in the area – from there, wait for Mitch and Carol to arrive and escort them to the top of the scaffolding to access a computer.
  • While Mitch breaches through the system, Militech forces will then arrive, and you need to take them all out to continue onto the next objective. The first wave will be human enemies, so you can fight them off on your own. As for the next wave, the enemies you’ll encounter are heavy mechanical units combined with Militech soldiers.
  • After clearing the second wave of Militech troops, wait for the Aldecaldos to regroup, and when you’re prompted, enter the Basilisk and head to the marked objective to take out more mechanical units of Militech.
  • When the area is clear, return to the construction site and drive towards the tunnel entrance. You’ll automatically then shift to the final job which is Belly of the Beast.

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