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Dark Devotion: Beginners Guide (Tips and Tricks)

Dark Devotion is a crossbreed between Souls-like action RPG and rogue-like. You play as a templar exploring a handcrafted temple inhabited by ungodly creatures. There is no procedural generation involved. The temple features a handcrafted and interconnected level design that allows you to choose your own path. Descend through this vile place in a test of skill and faith to find out what awaits for you at the end.

The path always leads forward

Dark Devotion’s exploration always leads forward. You can rarely find your way back up the ledge you jumped from and doors close behind you. Choosing a path means you stick with it and you can only take a new one when you die.

Health is segmented into the number of hits you can receive

Health management is rather unusual in this game. The character has a number of shields and health points which amount for the number of hits she can receive. The number of shields and health points can be increased through gear upgrades and skills.

The dangers of falling

There is no health damage for falling, but smashing into the ground will cost you stamina instead. However, there’s always the danger of falling into a trap or next to a deadly enemy that’s eagerly waiting to kill you.

Spike traps are deadly

The temple is riddled with numerous traps which can chip at your health. The most dangerous of them all is the spike trap as it instantly kills you. Be careful when dropping of a ledge or fighting enemies close to them.

Check what’s above and below you

There is no jumping in Dark Devotion. However, more often than not you have to explore downwards and in a few occasions even upwards. Take advantage of the peeking mechanic to see what awaits for you there. Peeking can be simply activated by keeping pressed the up or down key. But doing so, your camera will slowly ascend or descend revealing more of the forthcoming area.


Faith is a resource gained by killing enemies and fully replenished on death. It can be spent on special locks to open new paths or to unlock gear. Shrines also require faith if you want to receive the help of the gods which come in the form of healing or the removal of diseases and curses. Faith also takes the place of mana and it’s required to cast the spells provided by books.

Secret rooms

What’s a rogue-like without secrets? Dark Devotion features quite a number of them divided between exploratory puzzles and rooms hidden behind destroyable stone walls. The destroyable walls are easy to spot as they display multiple cracks and a slightly different texture than the general layout of the room. These walls can be destroyed by using Godless idol next to them which triggers a timed explosion on.

Death penalty

As mentioned above, Dark Devotion is a rogue-like action RPG. This means the price of death is a steep one. Dying in Dark Devotion isn’t the end of everything. However, you will lose all the gear and consumables acquired up to that point. Upon dying you will respawn back to the safe haven where you can craft yourself a new set of gear and get back at it.

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Dark Devotion plays pretty well with mouse and keyboard due to the fact that the combat involves no verticality. However, you cannot rebind the keys meaning you are stuck a default layout of keybinds.

Dark Devotion Map

A map showing the location of all bosses, lost rooms, ancient tablets, and more.


Map is a bit barebones and ugly at the moment and missing quite a lot of information, but figured it’d be helpful for people working their way through and trying to find lost rooms etc.

I’ll be adding boss drops and ancient tablet stats as I go through and check them all again.



  • 100% ancient tablets
  • Extra drops added
  • Extra notes added
  • Further NPCs added
  • Clarified quests list


  • Icons added for teleporters
  • Icons added for ancient tablets
  • Numerous item drops added in pink
  • Blueprints added in orange
  • Quests section added

The Map (v1.3)

Click to enlarge. (or open image in new tab+zoom)


One-Handed Swords

1. Rusty Gladius

  • 17-29 damage
  • Crits: 5%
  • Miss: 4%
  • Starter weapon, available after opening Bones’ chest in the Filthblood Shelter

2. Zealot’s Blade

  • 6-12 damage
  • Crits: 12%
  • Miss: 6%
  • Special: Grants Faith when you hit a foe.
  • Near a teleport statue in the Gloomy Cellblock, before the Andonias fight.

3. Adonias’ Glinting Gladius

  • 21-35 damage
  • Crits: 10%
  • Miss: 10%
  • Special: Glows slightly.
  • Defeat Andonias: The King’s Envoy in the Ancient Dungeon.
  • Note: Balanced all-round weapon for early game.

4. White Blade

  • 8-28 damage
  • Crits: 10%
  • Miss: 0%
  • Defeat The Guardian: The Abyss’s Jailor in The Holy Hallway. It’ll be added to the Forge for you to use when you resume play.
  • Note: Deals significant holy damage. Best one-handed sword and has excellent range.

One-Handed Maces/Flails

5. The Smith’s Right Hand

  • ???

6. Outcast’s Flail

  • 12-28 damage
  • Crits: 18%
  • Miss: 0%
  • Dropped by the flail-and-shield wielding priests in The Alabaster Citadel.

7. Twisted Branch

  • 18-21 damage
  • Crits: 0%
  • Miss: 0%
  • Defeat the Anomaly: Forgotten in the Dark in The Den of Corrupted Nature.
  • Note: Feels quite weak but does have a buff it gives you.

8. White Flail

  • 20-44 damage
  • Crits: 18%
  • Miss: -12%
  • Quest #11 reward.

One-Handed Axes

9. The Smith’s Left Hand 

  • 20-30 damage
  • Crits: 2%
  • Miss: 0%
  • Dropped by the dogs in The Den of Corrupted Nature.

10. War Axe

  • 29-38 damage
  • Crits: -12%
  • Miss: -4%
  • Dropped by dogs in the Den of Corrupted Nature
  • Dropped by Children of Limbo in the Alabaster Citadel

11. Melancholic axe

  • 29-38 damage
  • Crits: -12%
  • Miss: -4%
  • Quest #10 reward.
  • Note: Slash twice to summon a shadow clone who attacks for minor damage.


12. Wooden shield – Shield

  • Stam Cost: 30
  • Miss: 0%
  • Crits: 0%
  • Starter shield, available after opening Bones’ chest in the Filthblood Shelter.

13. Scrofulous Targe

  • Stam Cost: 60
  • Miss: 34%
  • Crits: 42%
  • Found in The Cave of Cries in the room after The Virgin boss.
  • Note: Horrible accuracy penalty but excellent crits if you hit.

14. Martyr’s Bloodlight

  • Stam Cost: 10
  • Miss: 6%
  • Crits: 0%
  • Defeat Martyr: The Shredder in the Putrid Sewers of the Ancient Dungeon.
  • Note: Shield is CURSED and will damage you if you parry with it. Very low stamina cost for blocking to make up for it.

15. Rose Targe

  • Stam Cost: 45
  • Miss: 7%
  • Crits: 10%
  • Defeat the Virgin: Forgotten in the Dark boss in The Den of Corrupted Nature AND kill the Virgin.
  • Sparing the Virgin gets you an Achievement but no shield.
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16. White Screen

  • Stam Cost: 40
  • Miss: -10%
  • Crits: -10%
  • Defeat both phases of The Mysterious Entity at the end of the Den of Corrupted Nature.
    Note: Shield is translucent so doesn’t hinder accuracy.

17. Royal Defender 

  • Stam Cost: 30
  • Miss: -6%
  • Crits: 8%
  • Defeat Chimera: The King’s Steed in The Holy Hallway.
  • Note: Probably the best shield for most uses.

Left Hand – Magical Volumes

18. Writings on Magical Smithery I

  • Faith Cost: 10
  • Dropped by ??? in Ancient Dungeon.
  • Summons 3x axes that arc forward.

19. Treatise on Toxins

  • Faith Cost: 14
  • Found in the bottom right of the room after Martyr in the Putrid Sewers.
  • Summons a cloud of poisonous gas.

20. Treatise on Protection 

  • Faith Cost: 30
  • Defeat Jezebel: The Erratic in the Ancient Dungeon.
  • The Shield can take two hits before being destroyed.

21. Eibon Book 

  • Faith Cost: 16
  • Defeat The Ritualist: From the Night’s Kingdom.
  • Shoots a beam of green energy.

Left Hand – Miscellaneous

22. The Smith’s Heart

  • Damage Crits: 6%
  • Stun Crits: 6%
  • Stamina Regen: 0
  • Miss: 0%
  • Torch offhand. Adds -10 miss chance and lights up the screen more.
  • Dropped by Devout enemies in Afflicted Village. (The ones who spin fire around them.)

23. Chrysanthemum

  • Damage Crits: ???
  • Stun Crits: ???
  • Stamina Regen: ???
  • Miss: ???
  • ???

Two-Handed Swords

24. The Smith’s Great Sword

  • ???

25. Heavy Corroded Sword

  • ???

26. Massive Sword

  • 16-43 damage
  • Crits: -10%
  • Miss: -0%
  • Defeat The First One: Fallen Bulwark in The Den of Corrupted Nature.
  • Note: Blade seems to do additional fire damage, thus lower stats.

27. Katana of the Crow

  • 37-112 damage
  • Crits: 30%
  • Miss: 20%
  • Defeat Elemiah: The Crow Lady in The Alabaster Citadel.
  • Note: Slow but has considerable range. Massive damage possibility, especially on crit.

28. Asriel’s Massive Sword

  • 55-64 damage
  • Crits: 8%
  • Miss: -4%
  • Defeat Asriel: Paladin Supreme in The Holy Hallway.
  • Note: Blade crackles with lightning. May do electrical damage?

Two-Handed Maces

29. The Smith’s Head

  • 38-42 damage
  • Crits: 4%
  • Miss: 0%
  • Dropped by the two-handed mace wielders in the Gloomy Cellblook, Ancient Dungeon.

30. Heavy Orb

  • ??? – Assuming this drops from the Golden Paladins in the Alabaster Citadel.

31. Hezek’s Cudgel

  • 48-96 damage
  • Crits: 0%
  • Miss: 15%
  • Defeat Hezek: The Baptized in the Ancient Dungeon.
  • Note: This cudgel can break through walls and reach through some doors to hit levers behind them. Very useful for exploring. Very powerful considering how early you get it, but very slow.

Weapons Part #2

Two-Handed: Spears

32. Basilius’ Toothpick 

  • 15-55 damage
  • Crits: 14%
  • Miss: 0%
  • Drops from the Fiery Halberdiers in the Graceless Forest, Den of Corrupted Nature.
  • Note: Slow but has long reach.

33. Iron Candelabrum

  • ???

34. Bloodied Halberd 

  • 34-43 damage
  • Crits: 0%
  • Miss: 0%
  • Defeat The Executioner: Shatterer of Flesh.
  • Note: The weapon will be in the pit you fall into. It is surprisingly fast and has a cool animation.

35. Burning Scythe

  • 34-55 damage
  • Crits: 15%
  • Miss: 0%
  • Defeat Nekosh: Keeper of Books in The Obsidian Cathedral, Alabaster Citadel.
  • Note: Slow, powerful, burns.

36. Elinor’s Gleaming Spear

  • 45-67 damage
  • Crits: 0%
  • Miss: -18%
  • Defeat Aureus before Elinor in the Elinor & Aureus: Inseparable Wardens fight in The Holy Hallway.

Two-Handed: Claws

37. Basilius’ Nails

  • ???

38. Organic Scythe

  • ???

39. Enchanted Bandages

  • 18-37 damage
  • Crits: 26%
  • Miss: -10%
  • Defeat Sariandel: Prisoner of the Void in The Carnelian Palace, Alabaster Citadel.
  • Note: Fast attacks at short range.
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40. Black Beaks

  • 20-26 damage
  • Crits: 35%
  • Miss: -20%
  • Quest #12 reward.
  • Note: Very fast and release crows that deal minor damage.

Two Handed: Bow & Blade

41. The Smith’s Forgotten – Bow and Cutlass

  • 15-19 damage
  • Crits: 2%
  • Miss: -6%
  • Drops from Archers in Gloomy Cellblock, Ancient Dungeon.

42. Etched Wooden Bow and Cutlass

  • ???

43. Aureus’ Ethereal Bow and Cutlass

  • 24-27 damage
  • Crits: 8%
  • Miss: -4%
  • Defeat Elinor before Aureus in the Elinor & Aureus: Inseparable Wardens fight in The Holy Hallway.
  • Note: Spectral arrows look cool.


1. Rags

  • Armor: 2/2
  • Damage Crits: 6%
  • Stun Crits: 6%
  • Stamina Regen: 5
  • Miss: 4%

2. Worn Cassock

  • Armor:
  • Damage Crits:
  • Stun Crits:
  • Stamina Regen:
  • Miss:
  • Found ???

3. Follower’s Armor

  • Armor: 3/3
  • Damage Crits: -3%
  • Stun Crits: -3%
  • Stamina Regen: 5
  • Miss: 4%
  • Dropped by undead executioner mobs in Ancient Dungeon.

4. Black Hide

  • Armor: 3/3
  • Damage Crits: 8%
  • Stun Crits: 8%
  • Stamina Regen: 4
  • Miss: -6%
  • Found on a body in the Crusader’s Haven at the end of the Den of Corrupted Nature.

5. Mineral Armor

  • Armor: 4/4
  • Damage Crits: 8%
  • Stun Crits: 8%
  • Stamina Regen: 4.5
  • Miss: 12%
  • Found on a body in the Crusader’s Haven at the end of the Alabaster Citadel.

6. Plated Gold Armor

  • Armor:
  • Damage Crits:
  • Stun Crits:
  • Stamina Regen:
  • Miss:
  • Found ???


1. Poultice

  • Heals 1 damage orb.
  • Quest #1 reward.

2. Stimulating flask

  • Refills stamina meter.
  • Quest #2 reward.

3. Strange Poultice

  • Removes one disease/curse.
  • Quest #7 reward.

4. Pieces of Armor

  • Fixes two armor shields.
  • Quest #3 reward.

5. Sacred Grimoire Pages

  • Adds 30 faith to your meter.
  • Unlocked by the NPC Saint Gilad if you talk to him (after killing the Executioner?)

6. Godless Idol

  • Set on the ground. Explodes after a short time. Can destroy walls and damage enemies.
  • Unlocked by the NPC Disillusioned Templar in the Carnelian Palace, Alabaster Citadel.

7. Surgical Device

  • Removes one disease/curse at the cost of 1 damage orb.
  • Unlocked by the NPC, The Moth Gatherer in the Graceless Forest, Den of Corrupted Nature, when you exhaust his dialogue options.

8. Black Coated Needles

  • +3 Faith upon hitting foes.
  • Unlocked by kneeling before an NPC in Cloister of the Chosen, near the entrance to the Carnelian Palace.

9. Throwing Knife

  • Ranged damage. Can be collected again. Long arc.
  • Unlocked by escorting the Dicecaster NPC along the Hallway of the Chosen to the Cloister in the Alabaster Citadel.

10. Throwing Axe

  • ???

11. Corrupted Seeds

  • Stuns enemies around you.
  • Quest #6 reward.

12. Holy Water

  • +20% damage for 30 seconds. Duration resets upon killing a foe.
  • Quest #9 reward.

13. Mass Page

  • Doubles faith gain for 60 seconds.
  • Quest #8 reward.

14. Protective Sphere

  • Produces a shield that blocks two hits.
  • Grab a Rusty Key consumable item from the Gloomy Cellblock in the Ancient Dungeon, then work your wall down to the Cloister of the Chosen without dying and unlock the cage with the chest in.

15. Pestilential Idol

  • Creates a toxic cloud that deals minor damage over time to enemies within.
  • Quest #5 reward.

16. Incendiary Idol

  • Creates a puddle of flames that deals minor burning damage over time to enemies within.
  • Can burn down root walls in the Den of Corrupted Nature.
  • Quest #4 reward.

17. Porous Gemstone

  • Carrying this stone prevents bosses you’ve defeated from spawning again.
  • Using the item in your inventory will create a portal to return you to the Filthblood Shelter.
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