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DARK SOULS II: Scholar of the First Sin Achievement Guide

A complete guide to all 38 achievements for DARK SOULS II: Scholar of the First Sin. I have provided explanations and useful information for all achievements.

Story Achievements

Self Recollection:
“Reclaim flesh and set out as an undead”

Unlocked very early by progressing after the start. Speak to some old Firekeepers and choose your name and character for the achievement.

This is Dark Souls:
“Die for the first time”

Just die by any means.

Last Giant:
“Defeat the Last Giant”

The Last Giant will most likely be the first Dark Souls 2 boss you face in this game. He can be found in the Forrest of Fallen Giants down the elevator, by the Cardinal Tower bonfire after unlocking the short cut loop. Kill him for the achievement.

Sinner’s Bonfire:
“Light the primal bonfire in Sinner’s Rise”

At the end of the Lost Bastille you will find Sinners Rise. Defeat the Lost Sinner boss in this area and light the primal bonfire after the boss area.

Iron Keep Bonfire:
“Light the primal bonfire in the Iron Keep”

You need to defeat the Old Iron King at the end of the Iron keep to access the bonfire. After the fight light the bonfire in the ruins behind.

Brightstone Bonfire:
“Light the primal bonfire in Brightstone Cove Tseldora”

You need to kill the Duke’s Dear Freja (boss), a giant two headed spider at the end of Brightstone Cove. After the fight go light the primal bonfire.

Gulch Bonfire:
“Light the primal bonfire in the Black Gulch”

Defeat The Rotten (boss) in the Black Gulch. After the fight go and light the primal bonfire.

Looking Glass Knight:
“Defeat Looking Glass Knight”

Once all of the Primal bonfires are lit you can access the Shrine of Winter in the Shaded Woods. This leads to Drangleic Castle and if you fight your way through here you will eventually end up at King’s Passage. The Looking Glass Knight is located here. Once he dies the achievement will unlock.

King’s Ring:
“Acquire the King’s Ring”

Once you defeat the boss in the Undead Crypt you will go into the room behind him and see an optional boss (won’t be hostile unless agro – save him for later) and an item to grab. Pick up the item to get this ring and the achievement.

Ancient Dragon:
“Acquire Ashen Mist Heart”

Once you have the King’s Ring head to the Ruined Fork Road bonfire in the Shaded Woods and then through the middle opening to access a gate (need the ring equipped to open). This leads to Aldia’s Keep, go through here to the Dragon Aerie and then the Dragon Shrine. At the end of the shrine you will speak to the Ancient Dragon and be given this item and the achievement will unlock.

The Heir:
“See the ending”

Simply beat the game.

Covenant Achievements

Note: For all “discover” covenant achievements you do not need to join the covenant but just have the option to.

Covenant of the Meek:
“Discover the covenant of the meek”

Covenant Leader: Crestfallen Saulden
Location: Majula

Exhaust all of Crestfallen Saulden’s dialogue. He is sat on the monument in Majula and will offer you the chance to join.

Covenant of the Fittest:
“Discover the covenant of the fittest”

Covenant Leader: Victor’s Stone
Location: Majula

For this achievement examine the stone tablet in Majula, up the cliff. You will be given the option to join the covenant and get the achievement.

Brilliant Covenant:
“Discover a most brilliant covenant”

Covenant Leader: The Sun
Location: Harvest Valley

For this achievement examine the broken Sunlight shrine in Harvest Valley, hidden to the left side of the large building with the windmill on it (Earthen Peak) along a small path that is over the poison mist pit with two Dark Giants in it. (Before entering Earthen Peak take the left path).

Protector Covenant:
“Discover the covenant of the protectors”

Covenant Leader: Blue Sentinel Targray
Location: Cathedral of Blue

For this achievement defeat the optional boss, Old Dragonslayer in the Blue Cathedral (next to Heide’s Tower of Flame) then speak to Targray on the balcony here. He will give you the option to join. You must have at least one Token of Fidelity in your inventory to talk to him. One can found on a ledge just below the bridge leading to The Undead Purgatory or by helping other players with the White Soapstone defeat a boss (cannot use Small White Sign Soapstone).

Clangorous Covenant:
“Discover the clangorous covenant”

Covenant Leader: Bell Keeper Dwarf
Location(s): Belfry Luna or Belfry Sol

Speak to the Bell Keeper either at Belfry Luna (Lost Bastille) or Belfry Sol (Iron Keep) both of which require a Pharros Lockstone to access. For Belfry Luna, go to the bonfire in the Servants Quarters in the Lost Bastille (after Ruin Sentinel boss fight) then down the ladder in that room. There is a Lockstone contraption in the room at the bottom, use it and hit the glowing face to gain access to Belfry Luna and this covenant. For Belfry Sol, it is behind a Pharros contraption after the Ironhearth Hall bonfire in Iron Keep in a side room.

Gnawing Covenant:
“Discover the covenant of rodents”

Covenant Leader: Rat King
Location(s): Grave of Saints or Doors of Pharros

This covenant is found in two places, only one is required to join. You can join from a small room after you defeat the Royal Rat Vanguard boss in the Grave of Saints or a similar room after the Royal Rat Authority boss in the Doors of Pharros. You get a Rat Tail for each of these bosses, which is required to join. Talk to the Rat King in one of the areas after beating one or both of the bosses.

Sanguinary Covenant:
“Discover the covenant of the bloodthirsty”

Covenant Leader: Titchy Gren
Location: Undead Purgatory

For this achievement speak to Titchy Gren in the Undead Purgatory, available after the Executioner’s Chariot boss fight. You need to have one Token of Spite to join. They can be obtained by going to the bottom of the Majula well, and down the tunnel with the 3 mummies, climb down all the ladders and find it in a chest (right before the Gutter). They can also be obtained by killing a host during an invasion as a red phantom.

Abysmal Covenant:
“Discover the abysmal covenant”

Covenant Leader: Darkdiver Grandahl
Location(s): Black Gulch + Shaded Ruins + Drangleic Castle

You need to talk to Darkdiver Grandahl in three different locations to join the Pilgrims of Dark. They can be done in any order. After the third one he will let you join.

Shaded Ruins – To the right of the ramp that leads up to the scorpion boss you will find a hidden wooden floor to fall through by some trees. He is at the bottom.

Black Gulch – Behind the Forgotten Key Door. Accessed via a hidden ledge near the pools with burrowing worms and hand monsters. Dropping down two levels has a large arch door that is locked. The next ledge down has a tunnel leading to a large room with two faceless giants. Killing both giants yields a Forgotten Key and Soul of a Giant. This key can be used on the previously found door to access a small chamber containing Grandahl.

Drangleic Castle – Behind the Soul-Activated door in the far left of the corner of the large room adjoining the King’s Gate Bonfire. The room has two torch bearing giant statues at the end, and a Ruin guardian behind each door. You will need to drop through the floor in the required room to find him.

Covenant of Ancients:
“Discover an ancient covenant”

Covenant Leader: Magerold of Lanafir
Location(s): Iron Keep (+item from Dragon Shrine)

For this achievement, you need to get the Petrified Egg from the Dragon Shrine, from the bonfire go up the first two flights of steps until you see a broken path with boxes at the end. Break them and drop down onto a hidden ledge with chests, follow this hidden route up a tall tower where you will be attacked by an NPC invader. Kill him and grab the egg from this room.

Then go to the Iron Keep. From the Threshold Bridge Bonfire, go into the keep and immediately go right and find the merchant Magerold. Speak to him with the egg in your possession to join.

Selfless Giver:
“Max-out devotion to covenant”

You need to reach Rank 3 with ANY Covenant for this to unlock. You need to get two to Rank 3 for other achievements anyway (as you need the requisite spells) so aim for those. The two are: Heirs of the Sun (once joined the need 30 Sunlight medals for max rank – gained by helped other players beat bosses or being helped in turn by members of this Covenant) and Pilgrims of the Dark (need to find the Darkdiver in three places (refer to “Abysmal Covenant”) and then complete the small dungeon in each of them and light the beacon, then defeat the final boss – Darklurker)

Rank 3 covenant requirements:

Heirs of the Sun – 30 Sunlight Medals (above)

Way of the Blue – Defeat 10 invading phantoms (wear Guardian’s seal)

Brotherhood of Blood – 500 rank points (Duels by Titchy Gren)

Blue Sentinels – 500 victories in the Duels at Cathedral of Blue

Bell Keepers – Defeat 100 trespassers in Belfry Sol or Luna

Rat King – 35 Rat Tails, received by beating a summoned grey phantom when wearing the Crest of the Rat.

Dragon Remnants – 30 Dragon Scales, acquired by invading world of another player, using the Dragon Eye, and defeating the player.

Company of Champions – Offer 50 Awestones, Dropped by invading (Red) phantoms.

Pilgrims of Dark – As above.

Reflections of Disembodiment Achievement

Reflections of Disembodiment:
“Inherit equipment from the head of Vengarl”

You need to access the Shaded Woods, by using a Fragrant Branch of Yore to unpetrify Rosabeth. From the bonfire at the Ruined Fork Road in the Shaded Woods go through the right hand exit (the one shrouded in fog) and hug the wall to your left as you enter. Follow the way up and around to a clearing with some ruins and a pile of bones. Speak to the helmet here to find Vengarl – continue talking to him repeatedly to get his helmet and this achievement.

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