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Dishonored 2 – All Bonecharms and What They Do!

A guide for all bonecharms (including corrupt and black bonecharms) and what their traits are. No locations will be in this guide as other guides have covered them and if you want a specific bonecharm they are randomized locations on each playthrough.

All Bonecharms

Power Bonecharms

  • Accommodating Host – Animal Possession lasts slightly longer.
  • Agile Will – Possession lasts slightly longer.
  • Carrion Killer – Killing rats or bloodflies boosts Adrenaline.
  • Enduring Allies – Summoned Doppelgängers last longer.
  • Resilient Allies – Summoned Doppelgängers have more health.
  • Restorative Glimmer – Health regenerates while using Dark Vision.
  • Shadow Embrace – Shadow Walk lasts slightly longer.
  • Submerged Rage – Gain Adrenaline while underwater.
  • Synergic Swarm – Summoned rat swarms persist longer.
  • Vengeance – Taking melee damage from an enemy generates Adrenaline.
  • Void Rapture – Sometimes enemies are rendered unconscious by Mesmerize.

Movement Bonecharms

  • Acrobat – Climbing speed is slightly faster.
  • Agile Recovery – Recover from falls slightly quicker.
  • Ground Glider – Slide speed is slightly faster.
  • Swift Shadow – Movement is slightly faster in Stealth Mode.
  • Swift Stalker – Movement is slightly faster with weapons sheathed.
  • Undertaker – Move slightly faster while carrying a body.

Water Bonecharms:

  • Aquatic Nature – Swim speed is slightly faster.
  • Leviathan’s Mind – Regenerate Mana while underwater.
  • Strong Lungs – Greater lung capacity underwater.

Restoration Bonecharms:

  • Healthy Appetite – Food restores more Health.
  • Liquid Sustenance – Drinking from a fountain restores Health.
  • Robust – Elixirs restore slightly more Health.
  • Spirit Water – Drinking from a fountain restores Mana.
  • Spirited – Elixirs restore slightly more Mana.
  • Spiritual Pool – Mana regeneration is slightly faster.
  • Spiritual Fortune – Sometimes drinking a Mana elixir restores all Mana.
  • Void Favor (DLC) – Sometimes supernatural powers consume no Mana.

Weapons Bonecharms:

  • Assassin’s Fortune – Bolt packs have a slight chance of containing +1 crossbow bolt.
  • Blade Ballet – Springrazors have a slight change of eliminating a body.
  • Combustion – Your grenades inflict slightly more damage.
  • Duelist’s Luck (DLC) – Bullet packs have a slight chance of containing +1 pistol bullet.
  • Firestarter – Incendiary Bolt radius is slightly larger.
  • Electrical Burst – Increases the area of effect for Stun Mines.
  • Hot Cocktail – Exploding bottles inflict damage over a wider area.
  • Lucky Needle – Slight chance to recover Sleep Darts.
  • Resounding Shriek – Howling Bolts are louder and have a greater radius.

Defense Bonecharms:

  • Blast Resistant – You take less damage from explosions.
  • Tricky Timing – Enemy grenades take slightly longer to explode.
  • Unfortunate Craftsmanship – Enemy grenades sometimes malfunction.
  • Unnerving Target – Enemies sometimes drop grenades and thrown debris at their feet.
  • Unsteady Hand – Enemies miss with fired projectiles more often.

Combat Bonecharms:

  • Bird of Prey – Drop Assassination restores some Health.
  • Duelist’s Skill – Your bullets inflict slightly more damage.
  • Exacting Aim – Your crossbow bolts inflict slightly more damage.
  • Falling Star – Drop Assassination restores some Mana.
  • Fencer – Win locked-sword Contests more easily.
  • Strong Arms – You choke enemies unconscious slightly faster.
  • Whirlwind – Sword attack speed is slightly faster.

Enemy Bonecharms:

  • Deep Grave – Slight chance that gravehounds are destroyed upon spawning.
  • Relocation Sickness – Witches sometimes stumble off-balance after magical relocation.

Swarms Bonecharms:

  • Albinos – Rat swarms include more white rats.
  • Bitter Blood – Bloodflies attack at slightly shorter distances, closer to nests.
  • Blood Sacrifice – Killing bloodflies or rats restores Health.
  • Carrion Killer – Killing rats or bloodflies boosts Adrenaline.
  • Gutter Feast – White rats can be eaten for Mana.
  • Spiritual Sacrifice – Killing bloodflies or rats restores Mana.

All Corrupted Charms

Armored Bones – Bonus: You take significantly less damage. Penalty: Your movement speed is reduced.

Bright Moon – Bonus: Your Doppelgänger inflicts more damage. Penalty: Your Doppelgänger lasts half as long.

Clumsy Assassin – Bonus: Brief invisibility after choking or assassinating an enemy. Penalty: You are louder when making noise, and more visible when leaning.

High Pressure – Bonus: Explosions from grenades, oil tanks and bottles inflict more damage. Penalty:Grenades, oil tanks and bottles have a smaller blast radius.

Lightweight – Bonus: You take less damage from falling. Penalty: Health regeneration rate is halved.

Power Slash – Bonus: You deal greater damage with your sword. Penalty: Your sword attacks are slower.

Risky Parry – Bonus: During melee combat, your sword parry always knocks an enemy down. Penalty: You take damage when parrying.

Splintering Bolts – Bonus: Your bolts inflict more damage. Penalty: Bolts always break on impact.

Stolen Breath – Bonus: Pulling enemies towards you with Far Reach is now stealthy and quiet. Penalty: Far Reach consumes more Mana for all uses.

Shivering Silhouette – Bonus: Enemies miss more often with ranged attacks. Penalty: You are more visible to enemies.

Vengeance Trade – Bonus: Faster Adrenaline accumulation. Penalty: Reduced Bloodthirst duration.

Void WindsBonus: When you cast Windblast it’s more powerful. Penalty: Windblast consumes more Mana.

Witch’s Skin – Bonus: When taking damage, your Mana is drained before your Health. Penalty:Your Mana doesn’t regenerate.

Zephyr – Bonus: Your speed is increased when walking or running. Penalty: You take more damage.

All Black Bonecharms

  • Bloodfly Alchemy – An enemy’s initial ranged attack is transformed into bloodflies.
  • Cornered Animal – Your attack damage is significantly increased when your Health is low.
  • Dark Extraction – Shadow Walk assassination restores some Health.
  • Expansive Spirit – Maximum Mana is increased.
  • Fading Light – Far Reach and Blink consume no Mana if used within a second of Assassination.
  • Familiar Scent – Wolfhounds cannot smell you.
  • Fickle Beasts – White wolfhounds fight on your side.
  • Fleet Fighter – Your movement is not slowed when your weapons are unsheathed.
  • Hardiness – Maximum Health is increased.
  • Invisible Thread – Far Reach renders you invisible during movement.
  • Iron Roots – Knockdowns are much less likely to affect you.
  • Leech Cuts – You gain Health when inflicting sword damage or assassinating enemies.
  • Leviathan’s Breath – Running out of breath reduces Mana before Health.
  • Life Bond – When you heal yourself, your summoned Doppelgängers are also healed.
  • Lucky Jam – Enemy Pistols have a better chance of misfiring.
  • Mind Runner – Your possessed human host can sprint.
  • Separation Trauma – Enemies are rendered unconscious when you leave your host.
  • Shadow Repose – Regain Health during Shadow Walk.
  • Solid Landing – Falling from a significant height creates a shockwave on impact, affecting nearby enemies and objects.
  • Twin Leech – Regain Health while your Doppelgänger is active.
  • Undying Swarm – Rat swarms repopulate over time.
  • Void Armor – When you take damage, a significant portion is instead subtracted from Mana.
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