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Dota Underlords Hunters Deadeye Build Guide

Dota Underlords Hunters Deadeye Build Guide

This combination has hardly changed over time. Hunters – Deadeye have the best damage in the game. With proper upgrades, they will shoot Mages before they can use their spells.

At the beginning of the game, you should take Drow Ranger and Beastmaster. The archer needs to quickly get to the second level, while the Beastmaster is very strong and deserves the third level. In the first rounds, it’s a good idea to pair Pudge with Drow Ranger to get the Heartless bonus. At first, Beastmaster and Pudge will be sufficient enough to defend your Deadeye. We also recommend taking Sniper to the team as soon as possible to get the first Hunters bonus. Later, Sniper will be one of the best Deadeye in your army.

In the middle of the game, you should focus on getting upgrades for Hunters. Take Wind Ranger and start searching for Medusa copies, and at least one Mirana. The latter is needed to get the Hunters bonus before you get Tidehunter who may replace one of the initial tanks.

In the late game, all Hunters should have at least the second level. Characters like Sniper and Beastmaster should preferably be maxed out. To complete the combination with Deadeye, you’ll need Gyrocopter (??) who will make Sniper even more dangerous. Try to get ?? or even ??? for Medusa who is also a key character for Hunters. Mirana has good damage but is too expensive. Without the second level, Tidehunter will suffer from enemy attacks, so make sure that he has some survivability item or do not put him on the board ahead of time.

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Ultimately, you’ll get an army with huge damage, protection from magic and a couple of slots for tanks or support who will cover the main forces. The best characters for this role are Druids Treant Protector and Enchantress who will not use a lot of resources during their upgrades. If you have enough gold, you can supplement your army with Doom or Disruptor.


  • Hunters are popular, so there’s big competition for the pieces.
  • Without strong tanks, Hunters get much damage and lose. You will have to invest in heroes from other alliances to continue a series of victories.
  • Hunters are highly dependent on damage-related items. If you don’t have many of them, you’ll have problems against enemy combinations.

Useful items

  • Hunter’s Focus. The best bonus for Hunters which materially increases the damage of all shooters.
  • Mask of Madness. Great for Drow Ranger. Finding the Mask in the early game is big luck.
  • Coordinated Assault. If you have been lucky to find this item in the early stage of the game, you may put a Troll in your team to increase attack speed.

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