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Duck Game – Console Commands and Cheats

This guide is about console commands, variables and functions. Ever wanted to know them? Well now you can!

Console Commands

There already are guides about commands, one of which you can find here, but the difference between this guide and others is that we are giving you the whole command. What we mean by this is that we are not just giving you the call or set command, but the variables and functions that come with it.

So without further ado here are the commands:

Spawn/Give Commands
spawn [itemname] <Coordinates> <Coordinates>: Spawns a certain item.
give playername [itemname]: Gives the player a certain item.

Most of the items you can find here

But here are the cool items we found that aren’t on that list:
spawn cryoplug <Coordinates> <Coordinates>/ give playername cryoplug
spawn candleball <Coordinates> <Coordinates>
spawn weightball <Coordinates> <Coordinates>/ give playername weightball
spawn chainlink <Coordinates> <Coordinates>
give playername vine

Team Commands
team {playername} [hatname]: Choose your hat in game. Warning after asigning the picked hat all points will reset and start counting the points you earn with the new hat. Doesn’t work for custom hats. You can also asign teams even if the team option is not enabled.

You can find the names of the hats here

Call Commands
call {playername} ressurect: Ressurects you.
call {playername} scream: Makes the sound when you catch fire.
call {playername} swear: Makes the sound when something is thrown at you.

Set Commands
set {playername} bouncy <Quantity> (Default: 0) Makes your duck bounce off of things.
set {playername} breakforce <Quantity>: Kills the duck after a certain amount of time(?) (0 – instant death, 1 – death after 2 seconds or after touching 2 blocks (not sure about this one))
set {playername} runmax <Quantity> (Default: 3): Changes the speed of your duck.
set {playername} lives <Quantity> (Default: 1): Ressurects you(?) Pretty buggy.
set {playername} friction <Quantity> (Max: 0.54): Changes the walking speed of your duck (differently than runmax). Also changes the turning speed of your duck (0.54 – from slow to regular speed, -1 – from regular to fast)
set {playername} ducksize, scale (duckwidth, xscale & duckheight, yscale) <Quantity> (Default: 1): Allows you to change the size of your duck.
set {playername} velocity (hspeed & vspeed) <Quantity> <Quantity> (Max: 100, -100): Makes your duck do a dash.
set {playername} alpha <Quantity> (Default: 1): Makes your duck transparent (0 – invisible, 1 – fully visible)
set {playername} angle <Quantity> (Default: 0): Makes your duck face an angle. Can be triggered with the magnetgun aswell.
set {playername} position (x & y) <Coordinates> <Coordinates>: Teleports your duck to a certain location.
set {playername} onfire <True/False>: Sets you on fire.
set {playername} movelock <True/False>: You can’t move.

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