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Elden Ring Sheogorath, God of Madness Build

The build is a combination between extreme utility and a fun play style, while trying to nail the Elden Ring.

It is possible to role-play this build like a Two Phase Boss.


The build offers two different directions.
One towards applying statuses and make quick melee attacks, and the other is leaning towards casting.

Both styles gain its damage through arcane.
So this is where you have the most invest.

Sheogorath, God of Madness.-1

The Build

Sheogorath, God of Madness.-2

Sheogorath, God of Madness.-3

You need at least 17 Strength, 22 Dexterity, 13 Intelligence, 33 Faith and as much Arcane as possible.

For medium load you need 29 Endurance.


Sheogorath, God of Madness.-4Sheogorath, God of Madness.-5Sheogorath, God of Madness.-6Sheogorath, God of Madness.-7Sheogorath, God of Madness.-8
Sheogorath, God of Madness.-9

Have fun!

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