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ELDEN RING All NPC Interactions in Chronological Order

This guide will allow you to complete all 6 discovered endings, if you copy your save after the Final Boss and avoid the Frenzied Flame until then (more info on that at the very end). I put next to the steps that are required for the achievement endings. I put next to the steps that will give you the optional endings. Most of these interactions do not affect endings or achievements at all. It’s just for the lore and the loot.

Any time you rest at a Grace, check to see whether the “Talk to Melina” option is available.

ELDEN RING All NPC Interactions in Chronological Order


  1. Talk to White-Faced Varre at the very start of the game, next the The First Step Grace.
  2. After getting access to Torrent, return to Church of Elleh at night to meet Ranni.
  3. Meet Boc by rolling into a talking tree South of Agheel Lake North Grace.
  4. Talk to Boc at the Coastal Cave on the Western shore of Limgrave.
  5. Kill the boss of Coastal Cave (can summon Old Knight Isrvan). Then talk to Boc again and give him the sewing needle.
  6. Meet Sorceress Sellen under the Waypoint Ruins. Accept her offer to teach you sorceries.
  7. Meet Bloody Finger Hunter Yura South-East of the lake in Limgrave, under an overpass. After killing the dragon, talk to him again.
  8. North of the lake, up a stream, you will be invaded by Bloody Finger Nerijus. Stay alive long enough for Bloody Finger Hunter Yura to appear and help you defeat him. Then, continue walking North up the stream to talk to Bloody Finger Hunter Yura.
  9. Enter Murkwater Cave near where you fought Nerijus. In the last room, open the chest and fight Patches until he surrenders. Then, stop and exhaust his dialogue. Reload the area and exhaust his dialogue. Then open the other chest nearby, which will transport you to Mistwood. Travel directly North until you reach the Third Church of Marika site of grace. Then fast travel back to Murkwater Cave and talk to Patches again. Attack Patches until he starts fighting back. Stop attacking and let him hit you until he gives you a gesture, then use that gesture. Then, reload the area and speak to Patches again.
  10. After you hear howling in the Mistwood, return to the Church of Elleh. Then, speak to the merchant, go back to where you heard the howling, and use the gesture. Find Blaidd in the Mistwood Ruins nearby (avoid waking up the giant bear). Then, speak to the merchant at Churcb of Elleh again.
  11. (Optional) Summon Blaidd to help you defeat the Forlorn Hound Evergael. Then go speak to him outside of the Evergael.
  12. On a ruin near the Mistwood Outskirts, find Kenneth Haight. He will ask you to clear Fort Haight, in the South East. Once you’ve cleared Fort Haight, return and talk to him. Then, go back to Fort Haight and talk to him there.
  13. Meet Roderika at the Stormhill Shack along the main road to Stormveil Castle. Make sure to talk to her multiple times.
  14. Meet Bernahl at the Warmaster’s Shack along the road through Stormhill (turn right at the Stormhill Shack.)
  15. Meet Iron Fist, Alexander on a cliff above the Saintsbridge Grace.
  16. Find D, Hunter of the Dead in North-East Limgrave past the Saintsbridge. He will warn you about an enemy in the Summonwater Village ruins nearby. After you defeat that enemy, D will give you the location of a sending gate.
  17. Take the sending gate to the Bestial Sanctum to meet Gurranq, Beast Clergyman. Give him the Deathroot, and he will reward you. He will give you a Beast Eye, which quivers whenever Deathroot is nearby, so that you can retrieve more Deathroot for him throughout the game. After you’ve given him 4 Deathroot, he will aggro, and you will need to hit him a few times to snap him out of it. After giving him 9 Deathroot, he will leave.
  18. Find Alexander at the Limgrave side of Gaol Tunnel. Go to the Caelid side to open the door for him.
  19. Deathroot #2 In a chest behind the boss in the Deathtouched Catacombs.
  20. (Optional) Summon Rogier for your fight with Margit.
  21. After getting access to the Roundtable Hold, talk to everyone there. Then, return to The First Step Grace to talk to White-Faced Varre.
  22. Meet Gatekeeper Gostoc at Stormveil Castle. The safest way to enter is through the path he provides, but he will have them open the gates, if you’d rather rush through the danger. Note that he steals 30% of your runes every time you die, which you can only get back by killing him at the end of the castle. However, if you don’t kill him, he will sell a very valuable item at the end of Nepheli’s questline. So, the choice is yours.
  23. Talk to Rogier in the chapel in Stormveil Castle. Purchase something from him, then speak to him again.
  24. Find the Chrysalid’s Memento in Stormveil Castle and give it to Roderika.
  25. From the Liftside Chamber Grace in Stormveil, head around the corner to the right and drop down from where the body is sitting on the ledge. Continue through this zone and examine the room behind the final boss, including a bloodstain near there that looks like Rogier.
  26. Before killing Godrick, go from the Secluded Cell Grace toward the main gate, past the troll, and into a side room. Talk to Nepheli. You can then summon her to fight Godrick with you.
  27. After killing Godrick, talk to everyone in the Roundtable Hold again. For Fia, she will talk only while holding you. Talk to Roderika and Hewg multiple times until Hewg takes Roderika as an apprentice. Talk to D after talking to Rogier.
  28. After talking to Enia at the Rountable Hold, return to The First Step Grace for a message from White-Faced Varre.
  29. Go back to where you found the Chrysalid’s memento for Roderika’s crimson hood.

Weeping Peninsula

  1. Meet Irina past the Bridge of Sacrifice on the way to the Weeping Peninsula and accept a letter from her.
  2. Find Irina’s father Edgar on the ramparts of Castle Morne and deliver the letter.
  3. (Optional). Summon Edgar to help with the final boss at Castle Morne.
  4. Return to Edgar. Return to Irina.

Liurnia of the Lakes

  1. Meet Hyetta at the Lake-Facing Cliffs Grace (may only appear after completing Irina’s quest). Give her the Shabiri Grape from under the throne room of the castle.
  2. Reload the area and talk to Boc at the Lake-Facing Cliffs Grace.
  3. Meet Thops at the Church of Irith next to the Lake-Facing Cliffs Grace.
  4. Go to the Purified Ruins and find the hidden floor in the center to grab the Shibiri Grape. Find Hyetta in the Western side of the ruins and give her the grape.
  5. Deathroot #3 South of the Carian Study Hall, defeat the mariner Summon D for this fight.
  6. South of the Carian Study Hall, look over the side of the cliff for some stone slabs. These will take you to Jarburg, where you can talk to Jar-Bairn and join his service.
  7. Talk to Patches on the Scenic Isle near the Laskyar Ruins Grace. Go east of him to find a pavilion and meet Rya.
  8. Meet Blackguard Big Boggart at the Boilprawn Shack. Offer to buy back Rya’s necklace. Then, buy some boiled prawns. Go back to speak to Rya.
  9. Talk to White-Faced Varre at the Rose Church. You must perform 3 invasions to continue his quest (outcome doesn’t matter). Then, talk to him again.
  10. Meet Edgar at the Revenger’s Shack and get a Shabiri Grape. Go to the Gate Town Bridge to give Hyetta the Shabiri Grape. You may need to reload the area and speak to her again before she moves on to her next location.
  11. Go South West from the Folly on the Lake Grace to find a hidden town beneath the cliffs called the Village of the Albinaurics. Talk to Nepheli just outside of the town. Roll into a large pot/bush/tree and it will turn into Albus. Then, you can summon Nepheli to help you fight the Omen Killer boss at the end of the area.
  12. After talking to Albus, head west from the Laskar Ruins and look along the base of the cliff to the West for a cave. Go through it to speak to Latenna.
  13. From the Academy Gate Town Grace, go North a ways and talk to Diallos. Then, travel to Roundtable Hold and talk to Diallos again.
  14. Meet Miriel at the church of vows. Exhaust his dialogue for some good lore.
  15. If at any point an NPC is angry at you, you can use Celestial Dew to “atone” at the Church of Vows.
  16. Grab the Gold Sewing Needle from the Church of Vows (for Boc’s questline.)
  17. Deathroot #4 In a chest behind the main boss in the Black Knife Catacombs.
  18. (Optional) Summon D to fight in the secret boss in the Black Knife Catacombs.
  19. Get the Black Knifeprint from the secret boss in the Black Knife Catacombs and give it to Rogier in the Roundtable Hold. Also talk to Fia. Reload and talk to Rogier again.
  20. Talk to Hyetta at Bellum Church.
  21. Kill Festering Fingerprint Vyke at the Church of Inhibition for a Fingerprint Grape.
  22. Interact with the maiden in the chair at the Church of Inhibition. Then, return to Varre. Exhaust his dialogue..
  23. Give Hyetta the Fingerprint Grape at Bellum Church.
  24. From the Main Academy Gate Grace, walk past the seal going North (without examining the seal) and you’ll find a red summon sign. Interact with it and help Yura kill the invader. Then talk to him after the fight.
  25. After completing Raya Lucaria Academy, you should have found an extra Glintstone Key. Give the key to Thops at the Church of Irith. Reload the area and find an item where Thops was.
  26. Find Thops at the Academy, around the corner from the Schoolhouse Classroom Grace.
  27. Start going North through Western Liurnia and you’ll run into Iji.
  28. Go through Caria Manor in the North-West and speak to Ranni. Then, go back and forth exhausting the dialogue with Rogier and Ranni. Join Ranni’s service.
  29. Speak to the summons of Blaidd, Iji, and Seluvis.
  30. Go to Seluvis’ Rise nearby to speak to Seluvis. Seluvis’s questline must be completed before completing Nokron for Ranni’s quest, and you will need to atone at the Church of Vows afterwards. To continue his quest, you must give the potion to 1 of 3 people. 1) Nepheli- this will give you a unique item, but end Nepheli’s questline 2) Gideon – this won’t change anything OR 3) Dung Eater, found much later in Leyndell – this will give you a unique item, but end Dung Eater’s questline and prevent you from receiving one of the endings (not required for the trophy). The choice is yours.
  31. In the Roundtable Hold, go downstairs past Hewg to speak to Nepheli. Then, speak to Gideon. Exhaust both of their dialogue about each other. You can then choose to 1) Give her the potion from Seluvis OR 2) Give her the Stormhawk King Ashes (obtained by using an infused swordstone key at the Four Belfries to return to the Chapel of Anticipation.)
  32. Search the ruins near Ranni’s rise for an illusory floor. Return to Seluvis to speak to him about it.
  33. Travel from Ranni’s Tower entrance directly East and drop down several platforms toward Caria Manor to speak to Pidia.
  34. Near the Mistwood ruins, take an elevator down to the Siofra River. Continue through the area, up another elevator, and then straight forward. You’ll find Blaidd near a wind-circle for your horse.
  35. Go speak to Seluvis. Then, go speak to Sellen. Then speak to Blaidd again.


  1. Meet Gowry in Gowry’s shack, near Sellia. Get the needle by killing Commander O-Neil, in the swamp nearby. (Optional) Summon Polyanna for the fight. Then, return the needle to Gowry. Reload the area to get the needle back from him.
  2. Meet Milicent at the Church of the Plague and give her the needle from Gowry. Reload the area and talk to Milicent.
  3. Return to Gowry’s shack and talk to Milicent. Then, reload the area and talk to Gowry.
  4. Take an elevator from Siofra River to Caelid, and follow the path to meet Great Jar. Talk to him, and 3 red summon signs will appear. Defeat all 3 without dying in order to get a reward.
  5. Talk to Alexander and Blaidd in Redmane Castle.
  6. Summon Blaidd and Alexander for the fight, and then talk to them nearby after the fight.
  7. Go back to Redmane castle and walk toward where you fought Radahn. Talk to Witchhunter Jerren. (For Sellen’s quest)
  8. Find Alexander South of the Carian Study Hall, in Liurnia East.

Altus Plateau/Mt. Gelmir

  1. If you go to the Altus Plateau through the Ruin-Strewn Precipice, 3 summon signs appear for the Magma Wyrm Maker: Blackguard, Milicent, and Great-Horned Tragoth. I was able to summon both Blackguard and Milicent, but Tragoth’s disappeared.
  2. After arriving at the Altus Plateau, talk to Gideon, Corhyn, Fia, and Roderika in the Roundtable Hold. Then, speak to D and Dung Eater (**past the Twin Maiden Husks). Reload the area and go to the newly opened room past Hewg.
  3. Head to the Shaded Castle to get the Valkyrie’s Prosthesis for Milicent.
  4. Talk to Milicent at the Erdtree Gazing Hill. Then, return to speak to Gowry. Exhaust his dialogue, buy his incantation, exhaust his dialogue, then attack him. Reload the area and speak to him again.
  5. Deathroot #5 Just up the hill from the Erdtree Gazing Hill, defeat the mariner in the Wyndham Ruins.
  6. On the way to Hermit Village, talk to Alexander sitting in lava at Seethewater Terminus.
  7. Talk to Primeval Sorcerer Azur at the edge of Hermit Village. Then, go talk to Sellen and follow her instructions on what to do.
  8. After collecting the Primal Glintstone from Sellen, search the ruins near Ranni’s rise for an illusory floor. Enter inside and find the illusory wall at the back. Interact with the puppet. Then, return to Sellen in Witchbane Ruins (if Sellen is not responsive, skip to the next step.)
  9. Go to the Raya Lucaria Grand Library and choose whether to summon Sellen as an ally (gold) or as an enemy (red). After the fight, make sure to talk to everybody, reload the area, talk again, and go visit Master Lusat and Primeval Sorcerer Azur again.
  10. Deathroot #6 From the Primeval Sorcerer Azur, take the bridge across the gap and complete the boss in the Gelmir Hero’s Grave.
  11. Find Patches near the cliff’s edge between Gelmir Hero’s Grave and First Mt. Gelmir Campsite Grace. Investigate the Rainbow Stones that he points out. After the cutscene, return to speak to Patches again.
  12. Talk to Corhyn slightly North of the Altus Highway Junction Grace.
  13. North of the Altus Highway Junction, grab the Amber Starlight for Seluvis. Then, return to Seluvis. Follow his instructions (this will require “attoning” at the Church of Vows afterwards). Then, return to Seluvis and Pidia.
  14. Find Goldmask on the North end of the bridge by taking the portal next to the Forest Spanning Greatbridge Grace. Go back and forth between talking to Corhyn and Goldmask, reloading the area in between, until you’ve exhausted their dialogue.
  15. Talk to Milicent at the Windmill Heights Grace.
  16. Find Yura at the Second Church of Marika.
  17. Find Blackguard Big Boggart at the North outer moat of Leyndell and buy some boiled crab.

Volcano Manor

  1. Meet Rya near the Erdtree Gazing Hill, and she will take you to Volcano Manor. You can also just travel to Volcano Manor on your own by continuing through Mt Gelmir and meet her there.
  2. Talk to Tanith to join the manor and then talk to everybody in the manor.
  3. After grabbing the Volcano Manor Request from the table, go to the red spot on your map and interact with the red summon sign on the ground. Note that there is no in-game consequence for joining the Volcano Manor. If you would rather not join the Volcano Manor for ethical reasons, you can still complete most of the steps below. Just do not complete any requests.
  4. Go back and talk to everybody at Volcano Manor. In one of the rooms, find an illusory wall. Continue that way until you get to the Prison Town Church Grace. Then, return to speak to Rya and Tanith.
  5. Collect the second Volcano Manor Request and complete it.
  6. Then, return and speak to everybody, and they will put individual requests on your map. You will not be able to complete the 3rd Volcano Manor request or Bernahl’s request until later, but you can complete Patches’ quest. Once it’s completed, speak to Patches, then reload the area and speak to him again.
  7. Continue on from the Prison Town Church Grace until you receive the Serpent’s Amnion at the Temple of Eiglay. Give the Serpent’s Amnion to Rya at Volcano Manor. Reload the area and talk to Rya and Tanith.
  8. Continuing on from the Temple of Eiglay Grace, you can’t find Rya in a small room, and you’ll have a choice to make. You can also just do nothing. Speak to her until you’ve exhausted her dialogue. Then, reload the area and find an item where she was.
  9. Seedbed Curse #1 From Rya’s location, go through the building, out the window, and up the ladder. Then, continue to your left. When you get to a room with stairs, go up both flights of stairs and then through a door, where you should see a stonesword key path. Use the cages to jump down and find the item on a body tied to a chair.
  10. If you are not completing the manor’s request, you can continue on and complete the rest of Volcano Manor and complete the final boss. Otherwise, leave Volcano Manor for now without completing the final boss.


  1. Give the Gold Sewing Needle to Boc at the East Capital Rampart Grace (requires that you have used a remembrance to purchase boss gear). Exhaust his dialogue and make a choice. You can either 1) Give Boc a larval tear and head to the Raya Lucaria Grand Library. Talk to Boc, then reload the area OR 2) Play the “you’re beautiful” Prattling-Pate (found in Hermit Village in Mt Gelmir.)
  2. Once you find a Seedbed Curse in Leyndell, return and talk to Dung Eater. Follow his instructions on where to go, checking in back at Roundtable Hold each time. When Dung Eater tells you to do so, go back to his body in the sewer, where you can either 1) Feed him five seedbed curses, collected across the game (this is required for one of the endings, but not for the achievement) OR 2) Use the potion from Seluvis on him to get a unique item and end his questline. Check in with Roderika after feeding him the Seedbed Curse.
  3. Seedbed Curse #2 Just after taking the first elevator from East Capital Rampart, head into the large building, climb the ladder on the right and go up the stairs . You will find it on a body that is sitting on a chair, in the middle of the room.
  4. Seedbed Curse # In the alternate version of Roundtable Hold located near the Fortified Manor grace, inside the equivalent of the Dung Eater’s room. You will find it on a body that is strapped to a chair.
  5. Talk to Corhyn and Goldmask on the coliseum cliffs, near the West Capital Rampart.
  6. (For Corhyn’s quest) Get the Golden Order Principia prayerbook by following the roots up from the Erdtree Sanctuary Grace. Take this book to Corhyn or Miriel and purchase the Law of Regression. Then, travel down the elevator from the Erdtree Sanctuary and down some stairs. At the bottom of the stairs, read a message that says “Regression Alone Reveals Secrets”. Cast the Law of Regression from here. (Note: You may need to use a larval tear to respec, or a combination of different gear, to allow you to cast this). The statue will change and a new message will appear in front of you. Read that message.
  7. Talk to Goldmask and then talk to Corhyn.
  8. While in the sewers, make sure to fight Mohg the Omen. There is a secret entrance behind Mohg that will lead you to the Frenzied Flame Ending. You are able to undo the Frenzied Flame ending by following a few specific steps, listed later. However, if you’re going to copy your save to get all 6 endings, it is best to skip going to the Frenzied Flame until later. Look at the very last section for more information.
  9. Complete Bernahl’s request. Then, return to Volcano Manor to speak to him.
  10. (Optional) Summon Melina to fight Margott.
  11. Speak to Margott after the fight.
  12. If you gave Nepheli the spirit ashes, travel to the Godrick the Grafted Grace to speak to Nepheli again in the throne room. Make sure to also speak to Gostoc (A common bug with this may require you to speak to Gostoc, then return to Gostoc’s previous location, and then return to the throne room again before Nepheli will trigger.)
  13. Speak to everybody at the Roundtable Hold.

Nokron/Ainsel River Main – After fighting Radahn

  1. Go back to the Mistwood Ruins where you first met Blaidd, and find a message there.
  2. Go speak to Iji.
  3. Go to the Forlorn Hound Evergael to free Blaidd.
  4. Go speak to Iji.
  5. Head South East from the Mistwood Ruins toward a massive crater leading to Nokron. Go through Nokron to find the Fingerslayer Blade and bring it to Ranni.
  6. Use the Inverted Statue to go to the top of Carian Study Hall and find Ranni. Then, go back to Rogier.
  7. From Ranni’s Rise, head to a tower to the North and take the waygate to Ainsel River Main. Rest at the first Grace and choose “talk to Ranni doll” 3 times. Throughout the rest of this quest, check for the “Talk to Ranni doll” option any time you rest at a Grace.
  8. Continuing through Ainsel River Main, you will get a discarded key. Use it on the chest in the Raya Lucaria Grand Library. Then, finish the Ainsel River Main area and speak to Ranni.
  9. Return to Ranni’s Rise and find Blaidd outside. (May require completing Sellen’s questline?)
  10. Talk to Iji. Then, reload the area.

Deeproot Depths

To get there, from northern Nokron, drop off a ledge onto a small pathway.

  1. There is a man unable to speak. Give him D’s armor. Then, continue forward to kill the boss and climb into a coffin.
  2. Continue following the roots upward until you reach a large room with Fia. Ask to be held. Reload the area and talk to her multiple times until you find her sleeping. Interact with her to fight the Lichdragon Fortissax. Then, interact with her again. Then, reload the area and interact repeatedly.

Mountaintops of the Giants

  1. Summon Milicent to defeat the Black Blade Kindred near the Grand Lift of Rold
  2. Talk to Shabriri at the Zamor Ruins.
  3. Deathroot #7 In a chest behind the boss in the Giants’ Mountaintop Catacombs.
  4. Talk to Milicent at the Ancient Snow Valley Ruins Grace.
  5. Complete the final Volcano Manor quest. Return to Tanith to meet the Lord of Volcano Manor. Then talk to everybody in the manor. Return to the Rykard, Lord of Blasphemy Grace to find Tanith again.
  6. Return to Jarburg to speak to Jar-Bairn and Diallos. Exhaust their dialogue, reload the area, and repeat that a few times. You may need to pass time and travel to different locations until the characters move. Then, continue reloading and talking until you exhaust their dialogue.
  7. Talk to Patches in the Shaded Castle near the Castellan’s Hall Grace. Then, return to Tanith.
  8. Deathroot # 8 Defeat a mariner near the Snow Valley Ruins Overlook.
  9. Latenna will speak to you as you get near Castle Sol. Beat Castle Sol in the North to get half of the Haligtree Medallion.
  10. Talk to Corhyn and Goldmask on the bridge South of the Stargazer’s Ruins. If you still have the Potion of Forgetfulness, you can give it to Corhyn here, and he will remain at this location.
  11. (Optional) Summon Alexander for the fire giant boss fight.
  12. Do not go up to the Forge of the Giants yet.

Consecrated Snowfield/Haligtree

Accessed by getting both Medallion halves, going to the Grand Lift of Rold, and click left or right to “hoist secret medallion”

  1. Deathroot #9 In the Hidden Path to the Haligtree catacombs, jump down onto an invisible path. Look for messages or use your rainbow stones to find your way. The deathroot is in a chest behind the final boss.
  2. Find a portal on the westernmost point of the Consecrated Snowfield to take you to Mohgwyn Palace. You can also use the item received from Varre.
  3. After defeating Mohg Lord of Blood, find a red sign for Varre near the Mausoleum Dynasty Midpoint grace.
  4. After defeating Mohg Lord of Blood, return to Gideon.
  5. Summon Latenna at the Apostate Derelict.
  6. Talk to Milicent at the Prayer Room Grace.
  7. Seedbed Curse #4 From the Prayer Room Grace, head forwards until the end of stairs with two crossbowman above you. Jump on to the arch to the right and hop on to the platform to the left with the Crimson Teardrop Scarab. To the left should be a room with a Cleanrot Knight and a chest containing Cleanrot Knight Finlay Ashes. Hop onto the arch to the north-west and follow it up to a balcony. Follow the balcony to its end and the item will be found on a body sitting in a chair looking down the ballistae and the Putrid Avatar.
  8. Seedbed Curse #5 From the Prayer Room grace, keep heading forwards, going down every staircase you come across. Drop down and head towards the room with two Cleanrot Knights inside but instead of entering, jump over the railing to the right and drop down one level. Turn around, enter the dark room right under the railing and you will find it on a body that is sitting in a chair.
  9. Continue onwards to the Drainage Channel Grace. Then, return where you came from, up the ladder, and kill the Defiled Root Monster nearby. Once it’s dead, reload the area, and you should see 2 summon signs where it was. You can either choose to summon Milicent as an ally (gold) or enemy (red). If you help her, you can talk to her afterwards. Then, reload the area to find an item where she was. (Note: this item can be used to get Miquella’s needle, which is the only way to undo the Frenzied Flame ending, if you have started on that path.)
  10. Talk to Gowry.
  11. After defeating Melania, you can use the Unalloyed Gold Needle on the flower in the boss room to get Miquella’s needle to reverse the Frenzied Flame.
  12. After defeating Melania, talk to Gideon.


Do not go up to the Forge of the Giants until you have completed all of the tasks above. This plot point will lock you out of some paths.

Crumbling Farum Azula

  1. Find Alexander near the Dragon Temple Altar Grace.
  2. Visit Jar-Bairn in Jarburg.
  3. If you need to reverse the Frenzied Flame ending, you will need to find the secret boss Dragonlord Placidusax’s. Miquella’s Needle can only be used while in its boss arena. You do not need to fight the boss.
  4. From the Beside the Great Bridge Grace, get onto the bridge and go left to find Bernahl.

City of Ash

  1. Talk to everybody in the Roundtable Hold.
  2. Find Goldmask by going to the right of the stairs leading to the Erdtree Sanctuary.
  3. Find Corhyn at the base of the spiral spear statue. Reload the area to find an item where he was.
  4. Summon Nepheli to fight the First Elden Lord.

After the Final Boss – Frenzied Flame Ending Only

If you would like to complete all of the endings, copy your save data after completing the final boss, but before making any kind of choice. You can sit at the Site of Grace. Only complete the following step for the Frenzied Flame Ending.

  1. Go to the very base of Lyndell’s sewers, where you fought Mohg, The Omen. Roll into the altar behind the chest. Make your way to the bottom and talk to Hyetta, following her instructions and exhausting her dialogue. If you did not complete Hyetta’s questline, you can still go through the door by taking off all of your armor.
  2. You do miss out on some dialogue with Melina if you make this choice late game, as Melina is no longer available. If you do this earlier in the game, you are able to select “Talk to Melina” at the Frenzied Flame Proscription Grace before and after interacting with the Frenzied Flame.
  3. SPOILERS – Becoming the Frenzied Flame before using the Forge of the Giants is the only way to make it so that Melina lives until the end of the game. If you continue with the Frenzied Flame ending, Melina will then show up in a cutscene in the ending. Or, you can become the Frenzied Flame early to save Melina, and then use Miquella’s needle from Milicent’s quest in Crumbling Farum Azula to undo it.

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