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Elite Dangerous – Fast and Easy Obelisk Data

This little guide shows you how to farm fast, easy and all obelisk data.

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Choose system

Go to the system COL 173 Sector QU-O D6-25.

Search for the right planet

It´s around 1100ls away from the sun and you have to fly to the Guardian Structure on the 2nd planet.

Find the correct place

You have to stay right here, until you can see these 3 obelisks from your point.

Scan all 3 obelisks

Nr. 1

Nr. 2

Nr. 3

Be careful

You have to stay a little bit away from the 3rd obelisk.

Don´t drive to close to him or you activate a guardian sentinel and you waste 15secs later.

Time to drive back

If you finished your job, drive back where you started from.

Time to quit

If you did everything right, you can exit to the main menu and repeat this route again, until you´ve got what you need.

If you activated the Guardian Sentinel

You waste 15 secs and forget to destroy the sentinel. That would take some secs longer.

If you´re to close to the Guardian Structure

You see a warning.

If you still exit and enter again, you´re going to spawn far away from the Guardian Structure.

Last words

Hope it helps you a little bit to farm your data faster than normal.

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