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Enshrouded Amber Locations: How to Get & Use

Amber is hard to spot and particularly rare in Enshrouded, so you’re not alone if you’ve been struggling to find some. Thankfully, though, there are some great spots to mine the resource, which we will go over here.

Enshrouded Amber Locations: How to Get & Use

Specifically, you can find Amber in the following locations:

  • In the Shroud northeast of the Revelwood Ancient Spire
  • In the Shroud south of the Revelwood Ancient Spire
Enshrouded Amber Locations

Amber can be found protruding from walls and pillars in the Shroud. It has an orange color and smooth texture with light gouges covering its surface. Resources respawn every time you load up Enshrouded, so feel free to reload and return to the same veins every time you boot up your save file. That trick will essentially provide you with an endless source of Amber for all your crafting needs.

Enshrouded Amber Locations

How to use Amber

Amber is an essential resource to unlock and craft recipes like the Fireball II and Eternal Fireball Staff Charges and to strengthen the Flame at your Flame Altar.

Strengthening your Flame to level 4 increases your Altar activation capacity to 6, your Shroud Passage Level to 3, and offers 2 Character Attribute Bonuses. But most importantly, it boosts your time available in the Shroud to 8 minutes.

Enshrouded How to use Amber

To strengthen your Flame to level 4 you will need:

  • 15x Goo
  • 15x Mycellium
  • 10x Spark
  • 15x Indigo Plant
  • 15x Amber
  • 15x Copper
  • 1x Fell Wispwyvern Head

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