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Enshrouded Best Foods (Early & Late Game)

The best foods you can eat in Enshrouded varies depending on whether you’re playing early on or deeper into the game. You won’t have access to everything you need to make the absolute top-tier foods right away, so here are both the best foods you can eat when just starting off and the ones that are ultimately the best overall.

Best basic food

Food is a very helpful resource from the first moment you begin playing Enshrouded, so you need to know which dishes are the best ones you can use early on. When you first start off, you’ll be learning how the game works and won’t have access to the entire map until you craft items to help you get around like the Glider and Grappling Hook.

Grilled Wolf Meat:

Wolves are fairly easy to kill and can be taken down quite easily with even the simplest of weapons like a torch, which you get very early on. You need to cook Raw Wolf Meat to make it a viable food source, but it’s easy to do this since all you need is a campfire or another source of fire for cooking.

  • Can be cooked using Raw Wolf Meat.
  • Grants +2 Constitution.
  • Lasts for 20 Minutes.

Purple Berries:

These aren’t the most fulfilling, but they’re growing everywhere you look which makes them a super accessible food source early on.

  • Found growing on bushes in the wild.
  • Supplies +2 Health Regeneration.
  • Lasts 30 seconds.

Grilled Lean Meat:

Another good source of food in the early game is Lean Meat. It provides slightly less of a Constitution boost in comparison to Wolf Meat, but it’s still decent.

  • Obtained by killing small animals in the wild.
  • Grants +1 Constitution.
  • Lasts for 20 minutes.


An incredibly simple but effective drink, Water provides some pretty solid benefits. What’s great about this resource is you can obtain a lot of it by visiting wells like the one in Longkeep, which is near where you first start off.

  • Can be obtained from wells or found in villages. Eventually, you can add a well to your base, but you can easily find Water elsewhere earlier on.
  • Gives +1 Endurance and +2 Stamina Recharge.
  • Lasts for 10 minutes.

Best overall food

Here are the overall best foods you can eat in Enshrouded, all of which require a lot more work to unlock and make. You’ll generally need to travel far to access everything you need for these which means you need the Glider and Grappling Hook.

Fruit Bowl:

A Fruit Bowl is a great dish to eat in a pinch because it supplies a strong health restoration effect and a quick boost to your stamina, making it a great food when you feel you’re in danger of dying and need to make a quick getaway. It also has a really long duration.

  • Requires the Farmer and can be made with one Honey, two Purple Berries, two Strawberries, and one Yucca Fruit.
  • Grants +6 Health Regeneration and +3 Stamina Recharge.
  • Lasts 45 minutes.

Grilled Yucca Fruit:

When you’re in need of a massive stamina boost, this dish is a great way to quickly replenish a ton of lost stamina.

  • This dish requires a Farmer and a Yucca Fruit to be cooked.
  • Gives +20 Stamina Recharge.
  • Lasts for seven minutes.

Chamomile Tea:

Drinking this tea will grant you some strong buffs for a decently long period of time. It’s also not too difficult to make once you unlock the Farmer since it only has two ingredients.

  • You need the Farmer to make this drink plus one Water and one Chamomile.
  • Supplies +5 Health Regeneration and +2 Endurance.
  • Lasts for 35 minutes.

Meat Wrap:

This is a fairly strong dish you can consume if you’re looking for a boost to Constitution and Intelligence.

  • Requires the Farmer, three Red Mushrooms, one Water, one Raw Sand Digger Meat, and one Flour.
  • Grants +5 Constitution and +1 Intelligence.
  • Lasts for 45 Minutes.
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