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All Farmer Recipes in Enshrouded

Enshrouded All Farmer Recipes – Check our guide to see a full list of every Farmer recipes in Enshrouded.

Farmer Supplies

Open Sandwich:

  • Name: Open Sandwich
  • Stats: +4 Strength, +2 Constitution
  • Resources: 45:00, Ingredients: 1x Saffron, 1x Grilled Wolf Meat, 1x Flatbread
  • Description: A relatively simple, but strengthening meal. Fast and ready to go!
  • Requirements: Farmer, Sheltered, Oven

Meat Wrap:

  • Name: Meat Wrap
  • Stats: +5 Constitution, +1 Intelligence
  • Resources: 45:00, Ingredients: 1x Water, 3x Red Mushroom, 1x Raw Sand Digger Meat, 1x Flour
  • Description: Filled with the power of life, this wrap will increase the Health of the consumer.
  • Requirements: Farmer, Sheltered, Oven

Chicken Soup:

  • Name: Chicken Soup
  • Stats: +4 Constitution, +1 Dexterity
  • Resources: 40:00, Ingredients: 3x Forest Beet, 5x Water, 1x Salt, 3x Raw Bird Meat, 3x Bell Pepper
  • Description: A very healthy soup made by boiling chicken for a period of time. An old house maiden’s dish to help protect the body from illness.
  • Requirements: Farmer, Sheltered, Fireplace, Almanach of Plants and Seedlings

Grilled Yucca Fruit:

  • Name: Grilled Yucca Fruit
  • Stats: +20 Stamina Recharge
  • Resources: 7:00, Ingredients: 1x Yucca Fruit
  • Description: When cooked, the Yucca Fruit becomes very sweet. Makes the mouth water and recovers Stamina.
  • Requirements: Farmer, Sheltered, Fireplace


  • Name: Sugar
  • Stats: +20 Stamina Recharge
  • Resources: 5:00, Ingredients: 2x Sugar Cane
  • Description: The sugar rush powers your stamina regeneration for a short amount of time.
  • Requirements: Farmer, Sheltered, Almanach of Plants and Seedlings
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  • Name: Popcorn
  • Stats: +7 Stamina Recharge
  • Resources: 5:00, Ingredients: 5x Corncob, 1x Honey
  • Description: Greatly regenerates Stamina upon consumption. Delightful and sweet.
  • Requirements: Farmer, Sheltered, Fireplace

Stir-Fried Vegetables:

  • Name: Stir-Fried Vegetables
  • Stats: +5 Dexterity
  • Resources: 45:00, Ingredients: 3x Corncob, 3x Forest Beet, 3x Tomato, 3x Bell Pepper, 1x Spice
  • Description: A healthy mix of vegetables. If handled with care, it won’t only fill the stomach.
  • Requirements: Farmer, Sheltered, Oven

Vegetable Soup:

  • Name: Vegetable Soup
  • Stats: +4 Dexterity
  • Resources: 40:00, Ingredients: 3x Forest Beet, 5x Water, 1x Salt, 3x Bell Pepper, 3x Tomato
  • Description: A warm soup made from various vegetables. Full of vitamins and energy.
  • Requirements: Farmer, Sheltered, Fireplace, Almanach of Plants and Seedlings

Vegetable Puree:

  • Name: Vegetable Puree
  • Stats: +3 Dexterity
  • Resources: 35:00, Ingredients: 5x Forest Beet, 5x Water, 1x Salt
  • Description: Cooking is a delicate artform. This basic puree will aid any person on their way to become an exquisite chef.
  • Requirements: Farmer, Sheltered, Fireplace

Spiced Tea:

  • Name: Spiced Tea
  • Stats: +5 Endurance
  • Resources: 45:00, Ingredients: 1x Saffron, 1x Water
  • Description: Hot and spicy! The best drink for heated areas, refreshing and cooling the body at the same time.
  • Requirements: Farmer, Sheltered, Fireplace, Almanach of Plants and Seedlings

Rooibos Tea:

  • Name: Rooibos Tea
  • Stats: +3 Endurance, +7 Stamina Recharge
  • Resources: 30:00, Ingredients: 1x Rooibos, 1x Water
  • Description: An aromatic ingredient that calms the body, providing an instant boost of Stamina for the user.
  • Requirements: Farmer, Sheltered, Fireplace, Almanach of Plants and Seedlings
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Chamomile Tea:

  • Name: Chamomile Tea
  • Stats: +5 Health Regeneration, +2 Endurance
  • Resources: 35:00, Ingredients: 1x Chamomile, 1x Water
  • Description: A very healthy beverage that helps the body recover and prepare for the day to come.
  • Requirements: Farmer, Sheltered, Fireplace

Glow Soup:

  • Name: Glow Soup
  • Stats: +5 Intelligence, +60 Shroud Protection
  • Resources: 45:00, Ingredients: 2x Spice, 3x Water, 9x Azure Russula
  • Description: A weird brew emitting a blue glow… Nobody quite knows why.
  • Requirements: Farmer, Sheltered, Fireplace, Almanach of Plants and Seedlings

Mushroom Omelette:

  • Name: Mushroom Omelette
  • Stats: +4 Intelligence
  • Resources: 40:00, Ingredients: 3x Red Mushroom, 3x Eggs
  • Description: A delicious meal with an earthy taste.
  • Requirements: Farmer, Sheltered, Oven

Fruit Bowl:

  • Name: Fruit Bowl
  • Stats: +6 Health Regeneration, +3 Stamina Recharge
  • Resources: 45:00, Ingredients: 1x Honey, 2x Strawberry, 2x Purple Berries, 1x Yucca Fruit
  • Description: A refreshing bowl of fruits with positive health benefits. Boosts health and stamina upon consumption.
  • Requirements: Farmer, Sheltered

Boiled Eggs:

  • Name: Boiled Eggs
  • Stats: +3 Stamina Recharge, +3 Health Regeneration, +2 Mana Recharge
  • Resources: 40:00, Ingredients: 1x Eggs, 1x Water
  • Description: Simple but nourishing. Boosts regeneration in all areas.
  • Requirements: Farmer, Sheltered, Fireplace
Enshrouded All Farmer Recipes
Enshrouded All Farmer Recipes

Farmer Production Places


  • Name: Fireplace
  • Resources: – 4x Flintstone, 1x Kettle, 10x Stone, 2x Metal Scraps
  • Description: A basic setup for preparing meals.
  • Requirements: Farmer

Honey Beehive:

  • Name: Honey Beehive
  • Resources: – 4x Wood Logs, 20x Straw, 4x Lump of Clay
  • Description: Anything can be domesticated with enough patience. Used to produce honey and wax.
  • Requirements: Farmer, Beehive Smoker
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  • Name: Seedbed
  • Resources: – 10x Wood Logs, 2x Metal Scraps, 10x Farm Soil
  • Description: Lets seedlings germinate in a safe environment.
  • Requirements: Farmer

Farmer Resources

Farm Soil:

  • Name: Farm Soil
  • Resources: – 7x Dirt, 3x Bonemeal
  • Description: Healthy soil that will increase the growing speed of most plants.
  • Requirements: Farmer, Sheltered

Fertilized Farm Soil:

  • Name: Fertilized Farm Soil
  • Resources: – 10x Sand, 2x Fossilized Bone Dust, 3x Nitrate
  • Description: Healthy, fertilized soil that greatly increases the growing speed of plants.
  • Requirements: Farmer, Sheltered.

Farmer Decorative

Scare Crow:

  • Name: Scare Crow
  • Resources: – 4x Twigs, 4x Straw, 5x Torn Cloth, 5x String
  • Description: A straw puppet which is often mistaken for a creature from the Shroud when the sun has set.
  • Requirements: Farmer

Farmer Tools & Components


  • Name: Oven
  • Resources: – 20x Fired Brick, 5x Lump of Clay, 5x Metal Sheets
  • Description: This significant upgrade to the Fireplace offers new food options that can be cooked passively.
  • Requirements: Farmer, Almanach of Plants and Seedlings

Almanach of Plants and Seedlings:

  • Name: Almanach of Plants and Seedlings
  • Resources: – 25x Paper, 5x String
  • Description: Explains how to grow all sorts of seedlings.
  • Requirements: Farmer

Beehive Smoker:

  • Name: Beehive Smoker
  • Resources: – 2x Sand, 3x Lump of Clay, 3x String
  • Description: Unlocks the ability to craft a Honey Beehive that provides honey and wax regularly.
  • Requirements: Farmer, Oven

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