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Fallout 76 – Back To Basic Walkthrough

Back To Basic

Back To Basic quest in Fallout 76 will see you getting tour uniform and going through a series of training courses. After you are done with Master Seargent Gutsy, drop to the first-floor foyer to find the Uniform Disbursement Log on the desk. Take it to find the location of the Uniform Voucher.

Exit the building and go to the barracks and the uniform voucher will be inside the container somewhere in the building as the location changes every time you do the quest.

Go to the first-floor foyer and use the Uniform dispenser to get the Uniform. Equip the uniform and go back to Master Seargent Gutsy to continue the training.

The agility course is the first training to be completed. Use the terminal and select Begin Course. You will have two minutes to run/walk/crawl through the marked obstacles. If you miss one then the next won’t appear so don’t miss any.

You need to root out Commie threats in this training. Investigate Jimmy’s, Topher’s and Jianjun’s rooms and speak to each of them. Once you have enough, go back to the terminal and make your accusation.

30 seconds will be all you have to hit all the targets. Shoot them all within time to complete the course.

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Live Fire
Reach the Live Fire Test grounds. Defeat a wave of enemy robots to complete the first leg. Complete all waves of enemies and you will pass the training. Now go back to Master Seargent and complete the quest.

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  1. Every time I play Fallout 76 it automatically takes me to the beginning again. make a new face, etc. is this common and is there a cure?


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