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Fallout 76 – Cold Case Walkthrough

Cold Case Summary

Cold Case is a side quest in Fallout 76 given to you by Miss Annie at Wavy Willard’s Water Park. This side mission basically follows the mystery of Grafton Steel and the missing child of Graton Steel’s owner, Mr. Woods.

Your job initially will be to find what happened to the missing child, only to discover that it was much bigger than just an ordinary kidnapping.

This quest is an emotional ride, with family feuds and a man drowning in his own insanity. We highly recommend that you do this side quest when you are in the area.

Finding Annie
Head down towards Way Wilard’s Waterpark and you will find Miss Annie roaming around directly below the Roller-coaster. She is a white painted Handy robot, so you cannot really miss her.

Interact with Annie and she will sing the ballads of one young boi she used to take care of. She believes that he was kidnapped right before the bombings, right here in this area. This will also complete the misc. quest “Contact Miss Annie”.

Security Station
Head to the security station that is located to the south end of the park, near its entrance. The left side of the building will have an opening for you to head inside. Access the Park Security Terminal and select “Holotape Review”.

Finding Holotapes
Upon reviewing the entries, you will quickly be revealed the location of two Holotapes.

One is inside the safe within this same Security room, while the other one is in the basement of the park.

The basement can be entered, through the employee entrance, by roaming around the left edge of the park. You will find the Holotape inside a cabinet.

Letter to the Media
You will find the Letter to the Media inside the mailbox that the Holotapes will then redirect you to. You will learn about the truth of the situation.

KidSecure ID Band
The KidSecure ID band can be found on top of the Slither Slide in the waterpark. Head to the top of the slide and search the wooden crate to find the band.

Clarksburg’s Post Office
It’s time to head to Clarksburg. It is located directly south of the waterpark if you follow road 96. Here, you must find and enter the post office to find a terminal to search for the key for BOX NUMBER 012 (PO Box 012).

It should belong to an “Otis Pike”, who must be living in Grafton.

Grafton on the Hills
Head to Grafton and towards the houses in the hills to the south. You will find Otis’ house next to a bright yellow house.

Otis’ Home
Head to the kitchen and read a note “Notice of Termination”. Afterward, head downstairs to the house’s basement and you will find a wooden crate with some goodies and a personal terminal nearby.

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You will find the whole truth here: it was just a family feudal gone wrong.

Grafton Dam
Apparently, Otis kidnapped and took the child we are looking for, to the Grafton Dam. When facing the Dam, walk towards the east of the building until you reach the back, where there is an opening.

Drop down the drainage pipe and you will find five clues leading you to the next location.

Woods Estate
Apparently, the lost child (Freddy) escaped from Otis towards the Woods Estate. Arthur Woods, the master of the house, managed to arrange a Vault-Tec to take Freddy to a vault but it is unclear if the kid survived.

Head upstairs and you will find Freddy’s last note on a desk. Report to Miss Annie and give her the news. The quest is now done. Collect your rewards!

Cold Case Walkthrough

Cold Case is a side quest in Fallout 76 given to you by Miss Annie, a Mrs. Handy Robot located at Wavy Willard’s Water Park. This quest follows a decades old mystery involving Grafton Steel and the missing child of the company’s owner, Mr. Woods.

Quest Rewards

  • RadAway: Diluted
  • Fusion Cell x15
  • 10mm SMG
  • Plan: 10mm SMG
  • Plan: Light Metal Legs

You can obtain this quest by heading out to Wavy Willard’s and clearing out the ghoul resistance there. Once you get a bit of breathing room you will receive a miscellaneous quest prompting you to speak with Miss Annie. She is located directly below the Roller-coaster, in the same area as the lazy river.

Interact with her and she will tell you of a missing boy, one she took care of and believed to be kidnapped right here in Wavy Willard’s, just before the bombs dropped. She gives you instructions to head to the security station and hack the terminal to gain access to the holotapes the employees were combing through before.

The security station is located in the south end of the park, near the entrance. It is locked behind a skill 3 lock, but fear not! A quick walk around the left side of the building reveals an opening large enough to get in, making the lock useless.

Access the Park Security Terminal and select the option [Holotape Review]. Reading the entries on each date will reveal the location of two Holotapes, One inside the safe within the Security room, and another in the basement of the park. Listening to the holotape titled “WWWP Slither Slide 10172077 Daily” we hear someone offering the missing child a gift but the odd thing is they seem to know each-other. The child gets excited asking where his gift is, the holotape then cuts off.

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To get the other holotape, head back to the front of the park and go around the edge of the park to the left. You will pass two dumpsters on your right then come across a broken down chain link fence.

Take the employee entrance down to the basement, follow the hall until you come right before the stairs leading back out to the park, there will be a room on your right hand side, just before the stairs.

Inside a Cabinet directly to the left of an entrance, you will find “WWWP log RIde Entry 10172077 Daily” the second holotape you need. This holotape will direct you to a mailbox directly outside the stairs around the corner. Inside the mailbox you will find a torn note titled “Letter to the Media” about Grafton Steel and some alleged truth that needs to come out. Along with the note is a key for a PO box in Clarksburg, that contains all the alleged evidence the media would need to see the truth. We learn through the holotapes that The child (Freddy) also had a KidSecure ID band that got lost in the park, with it’s last known location being the top of the Slither Slide. Head to the top of the slide and search the wooden crate at the top, inside you will find Freddy’s KidSecure ID band.

We are now done with Wavy Willard’s and it is time to head to Clarksburg to see whats inside that PO box. Clarksburg is located just south of Wavy Willard’s.

Head Towards the post office, but be ready! Super Mutants are crawling all over the area. Use the terminal behind the desk and select the option [Search by BOX NUMBER]. Select the box we received the key for (PO box 012) and find it belongs to an Otis Pike, who resides in Grafton.

Head over to Grafton and once in the town, head towards the houses in the hills to the south. Next to a bright yellow house you will found Otis’ home (With the broken umbrella hanging over the deck. On the kitchen counter directly to your left when you walk inside you will find a note titled “Notice of Termination”. This letter from Grafton Steel lets Otis know he was being terminated, due to the spreading of “ridiculous propaganda” about Grafton Steel. Suddenly this case seems more than just a simple kidnapping.

Head downstairs to Otis’ basement and along side a wooden crate with some goodies, there will be Otis’ personal terminal. A read through his diary tells a story of a man conflicted. Grafton Steel was doing terrible things, harming the environment and dumping within the city’s drinking supply, killing children. Although Otis’ sister had married into the Powerful woods family, context clues lead us to believe she has now passed, and the Arthur Woods who now remains is not the same Brother-in-Law that Otis would like to remember.

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So he took the evidence and told the media, ultimately ending in his termination due to the protests and backlash Grafton Steel received because of it. This leads Otis to resort to more drastic measures, which ultimately leads to him kidnapping Freddy from Wavy Willard’s and holding him for ransom at the Grafton Dam.

Once you arrive at the Grafton Dam, after eliminating all the Super Mutants crawling outside, you will quickly realize the Dam is sealed, locked behind Skill:3 locks. Fear not! When facing the front of the Building (East) head to the left and walk around the side of the building until you reach the back where there is an opening in the railing.

Drop down to the drainage pipe below, and this will give you access to the damn if you don’t have the lock-pick skill high enough to pick the locks.

Inside you will need to find 5 clues leading you to the next location you need to go. The clues are located:

Each clue can be easily found by walking the cat walk within the Dam, with the most “hidden” one being Arthur wood’s Lighter. To find this location, simply walk to the top of the dam using the stairs and drop through the opening in the walkway at the top. This will drop you on top of one the offices below, giving you the lighter and a new holotape game! For more details about the layout of the dam head over to the Grafton Dam location guide.

These clues lead us to the Woods Estate, as Freddy managed to escape from Otis, but only moments before the bombs fell. Since the Woods were a very wealthy family, Arthur Woods managed to arrange to have Vault-Tec pick up Freddy and take him to a vault, however it is unclear weather Freddy ever made it.

His last note, in the desk upstairs, can be seen below:

Finally, discovering the fate of Freddy, it is time to head back to Miss Annie and give her the news. She takes the news surprisingly well, choosing to hope that Freddy made it safe to the vault and is still alive out there, somewhere.

That’s It! collect your rewards and continue to explore Appalachia.

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