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Fallout 76 – Tentative Plans Walkthrough

Tentative Plans

Tentative Plans is one of the side quests. This quest can be started by heading to the Morgantown Airport and accessing the terminal inside.

You will learn how to make a C.A.M.P by heading to a specific location to find the late Miguel and using his schematics. This will be a rather important side quest, so be sure to do this one.

You will also craft a basic cooking fire and a simple stash box with C.A.M.P through this quest. Be sure to keep your eyes out for the legendary Mr. Fluffy too. He is one cute fellow!

Possible Quest Rewards

  • A Modded Leather Torso Piece Called “Silver Lining”
  • Screws
  • Random Ammo
  • A Random Aid Item

Volunteers: Advanced Training

Find the terminal inside Morgantown Airport and choose the option ‘Volunteers: Advanced Training” when prompted. Follow the instructions further to start this side quest.

Registering as a volunteer will complete the misc. quest “Register for Advanced Responder Training”.

Listen to the Tapes, Clay

Head outside the Morgantown Airport and pop out your Pip-Boy. You will have a “Volunteer Training: Camping 101” Holotape. Boot it up.

Miguel’s Campsite

You must now go investigate Miguel’s campsite. You will see a scorched wanderer lying by a tree. He is the Miguel you are looking for. Scan him and the camp nearby.

Investigate the Protection

You must now investigate the Protection. Its location will be visible on the map.

The Protection turns out to be Mr. Fluffy. You must follow him and kill the scorched Miguel who should have woken up by now.

Camp Guide Program

You must now find the Camp Guide Program V3.4. It must be in one of the houses in the town nearby. Enter the house and you will find the program lying on a crate. Pick it up and execute it on your Pip-boy.

Miguel’s Terminal

Miguel’s terminal is located behind Guide Program. Interact with it and search for C.A.M.P’s schematics.

Return Holotape

You must now give the Holotape to the Mr. Fluffy you found before. He will be in the location you found Miguel’s scorched body.

Deploy your C.A.M.P

After interacting with Mr. Fluffy, you must deploy your C.A.M.P in any location you seem suitable. You must build a basic cooking fire and a simple stash box through the C.A.M.P to complete your quest.

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