Fell Seal Arbiter's Mark - Unlocking the Secret Classes

Fell Seal: Arbiter’s Mark – Unlocking the Secret Classes

Screenshots of the location where you find the crests that unlock the Werewolf and Vampire class. This will only work for one of your party members and requires a non story character!

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Unlocking the Secret Classes


Look behind the Tree in Ekhinda Falls.

Requirement: Mercenary 4, No story character.


To unlock the Vampire class, you have to push the button on a statue in the Restful Stone cemetary.

This will cause one of the graves to open and you can pick up the Blood Crest.

Requirements: Scoundrel 6, Alchemystic 3, Blood Crest, No story char.

If you did not hire one of the advanced classes, you also need Mercenary 2, Mender 2, Wizard 4 to unlock Scoundrel and Alchemystic.

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