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FF7 Remake A Dynamite Body Walkthrough

FF7 Remake A Dynamite Body Walkthrough

Speak with Sam to get this chapter 9 side quest in Final Fantasy 7 Remake. However, here are some requirements you need to meet first.

  • When talking to Sam about Tifa, describe her as “She’s in great shape.”
  • Complete the Jonny Discovery Event in the Wall Market. Once you catch him, pick the first dialogue, “Yeah.”
  • Speak with the guy standing in front of the hotel in the Wall Market and choose the dialogue “How much?”
  • Speak with the hotel receptionist and select “Yes.”
  • Go to the main objective at Corneo’s mansion where you meet the Trio.
  • Pick “No Deal” when Sam does the coin flip.
  • Choose the cheapest Massage “Poor Man’s Course – 100G”
  • When Aerith asks about her outfit, just say “it’s alright.”
  • Complete the main objective “The Underground Colosseum.”
  • Complete “The Party Never Stops”

Go to the Colosseum and choose the “Special Match.” Now all you need to do is beat two bombs and get the reward.

A Dynamite Body Quest Reward

  • Arcane Scepter
  • HP and MP restored

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