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FF7 Remake Chadley’s Report Walkthrough

FF7 Remake Chadley’s Report Quest

Chadley’s Report Objectives

  1. The quirky, young scholar, Chadley, needs help with his research. Use the assess materia to gather intel on fiends
  2. Report your findings to Chadley
  3. With Cloud’s help, Chadley forges a new Materia Imagine how many new discoveries can be made with a little more help…

Chadley’s Report Walkthrough

Chadley's Report Walkthrough

  1. This quest is given to you by Chadley when you are in the Residential Area of the Sector 7 Slums area. Talk to Chadley and he will want you to equip the Assess Materia to scan on enemies.
  2. Your task here is to go find any enemies nearby and scan them. This can easily be complete if you head to the nearby location called Scrap Boulevard. There will be some small enemies here that you can Assess. You need to do this with two different enemies and then return to Chadley to complete the quest. The reward for this quest is 500 Gil.

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