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FF7 Remake Kids on Patrol Walkthrough

FF7 Remake Kids on Patrol Walkthrough

Kids on Patrol Walkthrough

Once introduced to the Leaf House, talk to the marked NPCs, and then run around finding the five kids with wooden swords. They are clearly marked and not hard to find, but if you’re struggling:

  • The first kid is right near the orphanage, just south of it on the map.
  • Follow the path round from the first kid to the southernmost bit of this center district area. There’s another kid in the passageway.
  • The third kid is standing right outside the weapon and accessory shop.
  • The fourth kid is standing just near the item shop, between the weapon shop and Chadley.
  • The fifth kid is standing watch, guarding the northern entrance to the slum.

After all kids are found, return to orphanage to get part 2. Fight Hedgehog Pie King.

Kids on Patrol Quest Reward

  • Reward: Nail Bat weapon for Cloud. Access to ‘A Verified Hero’ and ‘The Angel of the Slums’ quests, plus the Moogle Emporium shop.
  • Hard Mode Reward: Telluric Scriptures Vol. VI (Aerith SP up)

Kids on Patrol Objectives

  1. One of the Leaf House teachers, Ms. Folia, is in a bit of a bind. Hear what she has to say.
  2. Ms. Folia asks Cloud to bring back the children still out on patrol. Look for the kids with the wooden swords.
  3. One of the kids on patrol has been found. Four more to go. Look for the kids with the wooden swords
  4. Another kid on patrol has been found. Three more to go. They should be in town somewhere
  5. Another kid on patrol has been found. Two more to go
  6. Another kid on patrol has been found. Just one more child left
  7. All the patroling children have been located and sent back to the Leaf House. Go and talk to Ms. Folia
  8. The children ask Cloud to defeat the toad king, a monster who has appeared near their hideout. They’ve promised a whole three gil as a reward. Head to their hideout.
  9. The toad king has been defeated. Return to the Leaf House and tell the kids they have nothing to fear.
  10. Cloud sees firsthand how tough it can be for the children in the slums, but thankfully, people like Ms. Folia are there to watch over them. Life here can be mean and meager, but it’s not without hope.

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