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FF7 Remake Stablehand Quest Guide

FF7 Remake Stablehand Quest Guide

  1. Chocobo Search

1. Chocobo Search Quest Walkthrough

Reward: Sam’s Delivery Lifetime Pass, HP, and MP restored

Speak to the stablehand east of Sector 5 as if heading to Wall Market. You’ll get Gysahl Greens key item, which must be used for this quest. You have to find Chocobos that have been spooked so they can return to work. Each Chocobo you find opens up a fast travel station in the area you find them, which is a nice bonus but also comes kind of late in the game to be massively useful.

Chocobo Location #1

As mentioned you will have to find three of them for Sam’s Delivery Service. Head North past the graveyard, this is the area where you swung across the monkey bar as part of the story. You will see the Chocobo quite easily but before you can use the Greens to lure it, you’ll be attacked by a Rust Drake. Beat the Rust Drake and send the first Chocobo home.

Chocobo Location #2

Head north of the train station in the Sanctuary Way. The Chocobo will be in plain sight. Give it the Greens to send it back home and complete the second part of this FF7 Remake side quest.

Chocobo Location #3

The final Chocobo is at the sector 6 slums; Collapsed Expressway Old Bypass area. Unlike the second Chocobo, you will have to fight for this one. There are three Trypapolis in this location.

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