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Graveyard Keeper – Noteworthy bugs/balance issues/exploits with the game

Noteworthy bugs/balance issues/exploits with the game

1. Dying has no consequence, and is useful for fast travelling to your house. This is unlikely to change as the game doesn’t seem to want to be punishing for those who are bad at combat, but a player can willingly let themselves die, either by eating red mushrooms when already low hp, or once the “town” is unlocked, suiciding there every time they want to get back from town.

2.Autopsy in the morgue, and this one is really important, hope they fix it: Selecting a part to autopsy, and then going to the construction menu, selecting the table for deletion and then de-selecting it will cause the said organ to be removed instantly from the inventory of the body, at no energy or chance of failure for the player. In the early game, especially before you have butcher tech, you can ensure you get a proper corpse at the cost(or benefit) of not obtaining blood and fat, with 100% chance it will not generate a “failed removal” item that lowers the corpse’s quality, and also being instant and costs no energy.

3.Entering a conversation with npcs pauses the game time, but not the game world, so if you go to the tavern at noon, and you see the donkey just spawn, and then you go talk to an npc, the time will still be noon when you leave conversation/trade with him, but the donkey will have long delivered the corpse, and it might have decayed quite a bit, your cooldowns on items and various other processes like furnaces will have progressed as well.
This can be exploited by setting your furnaces to melt ore, going to your mailbox and opening the “chat” menu, and then leaving the game for a while, and your metals will have melted at no ingame time spent, allowing you to amass resources for something you otherwise couldn’t( ex: to get enough iron smelted for making the church chandeliers in time for the next sermon)
This also works for resources replenishing (like mushrooms, berries and apples) and also farm crops, as it’s possible to have them grow by teleporting to the dead horse and talking to the inkeeper, his wife, or miss charm/vagner if present, and then going into the kitchen to eat or taking a shower irl, all your crops will have grown quite a lot and you will be able to teleport back home since your teleporter cooldown will have reset.

4.Using tools, holding F pressed after using them keeps charging an invisible progress number, and when you actually go to another resource, if the resource’s “resistance stat” is lower than the charged tool number, it’s dug instantly. This works while game is paused (looking in inventory) and makes it so you can dig most things in at least 1 energy, at most 2. Doesn’t work for harvestables (things you grab without need of pick/axe/shovel).

5. It is still possible (yes they only partially fixed the bug previously) to repair your tools by quickstacking, but only if the tools themselves can be sold to a vendor. Quickstacking 2 iron pickaxes at tier 2 Krezvold for example, with 1 pickaxe fully broken and the other one full durability, by shift-clicking the full durability pick, will repair the other pickaxe, without need of fulfilling the trade…

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  1. You can repair tools anywhere where there is a place to store them and you got a 100% spare just have them both in your inventory. The required tool spot empty, open up the storage and store the good tool. It might fail once just grab the tool out of storage and store it again. Though it’s rather useless. Tools don’t break often enough to warrant the spare. Just found it out by accident just now since I stored the wrong tool


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