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GreedFall Amongst the Ghosts Guide

Amongst the Ghosts Guide

Quest Giver: Complete the “Old Countries” in the New World quest and speak with the man.

Once you have the quest, follow Kurt to reach Wenshaganw “The Singing Waters.” Reach the ghost regiment’s camp and interrogate the instructors. You will speak with multiple people but in the end, reach back recruit Wilhelm and know the truth about what’s going on.

Leave the camp and return back in the evening. Go to Captain Rolf’s office on the upper floor of the quarters and down the basement to locate the torture chamber. Save recruit Wilhelm from being tortured. Feel free to use your Charisma or intuition to handle the situation. If you manage to solve the situation peacefully, only a single soldier will fight you. You are going to gain a +1 reputation with Kurt.

Go back to the recruits’ quarter and head down the basement, through the underground passage. Kurt will try to convince you to not fight but you can sneak behind the soldiers’ back. Go up the shelf and confront Captain Rolf.

You can offer a pardon, use Charisma, Intuition, mention how you saved Wilhelm or attack. If you manage to convince the soldiers they will head out, leaving you to confront Rolf and his allies.

Complete the side quest to earn +3 reputation with Kurt and 1300XP.

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