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GreedFall Missing In Action Guide

Missing In Action Guide

Quest Giver: Speak with Kurt when you reach New Serene and talk to Constantin.

Listen to Kurt’s story of a young rookie, and head to the barracks to know more about Reiner. Go to the floor below and locate the morgue. You can not enter the morgue without the medic’s permission. Speak with him outside the morgue and use your Charisma to convince him.

Enter the morgue and investigate the body. Read the medical report and go back to the man and accuse him of hiding the truth. Go back to the quartermaster, talk to him and question the lieutenants.

Head to the tavern now and find another recruit to know more about Reiner. Buy him a bottle of brandy from the innkeeper and he will spill the beans. Return to the lieutenant and get more information.

You will find out about another soldier. Go to the soldier and here you will have three options; you can bribe him, use your charisma, or let Kurt handle the situation. Completing the side quest will get you 1 reputation with the Coin Guardians and 1000XP. Moreover, companions relationship with improves +3 which will trigger another “Amongst the Ghosts.”

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