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GreedFall Coin Guard Merchandise Walkthrough

Coin Guard Merchandise Walkthrough

Select this quest in the journal (J key to open it) and go to the merchant’s shop. Talk and ask about other merchants. If you have intuition, you can choose the second option and convince the vendor by offering him a bribe. You can use charisma but keep in mind that chances for success are not always high (look at probability). If you try to intimidate the vendor, he will refuse. Go around the corner, open the gates and defeat three opponents. The vendor will agree to deliver the cargo to mercenaries. On the other hand, you’ll get -1 to reputation with the Congregation of Merchants.

GreedFall Coin Guard Merchandise Walkthrough

Follow the marker to Coin Guard barracks and talk to the quartermaster. He will say that you should find a way to quickly transfer the cargo to Teer Fradee.

Once you get to the port and meet Vasco, ask him to help with the cargo. He will say that he cannot load the cargo which is not in the log or in the warehouse. Thus, you’ll have to deal with this problem. Follow the marker. You’ll get warned that you are moving to Nauts territory. Open the nearest door and use C key to act covertly. Sneak into the back room and climb to the second floor. Go through the barracks with beds and get to the office. Grab the Serene jail key from the desk and interact with the ship log.

The next task is to get rid of the guards. You can prepare a drink with a potion. Both the sleeping pills and the alcohol with them are crafted at the workbench. One of them is located near the entrance to the tavern. On the other hand, you should have ‘’Level 1 Science’’ talent to prepare any potion. If you don’t have it, forget about this option (the new talent point will become available only once you reach Level 5).

You can just go to the warehouse guards and talk to them. Select ‘’Intuition’’ and they will leave their post. Tell the porters that they can move the goods to the warehouse. You should also talk to the quartermaster, but this can be done in New Serene.

Having arrived at the place, talk to the character. Your task will be to find crates in the warehouses. Head to the port, climb over the fence and quietly move to the left. You will see two guards standing opposite the warehouses’ doors and one constantly patrolling. The warehouse you need to go to is the distant one, so you will have to kill one of the guards. However, if you do it stealthily, it won’t damage your reputation.

After you deal with the guard, enter the warehouse and examine the crates. Mark them and get back to the quartermaster to complete the quest.

Reward: 1000 experience points, 100 coins, and +1 to the Coin Guard reputation.

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  1. just wear a sailors armor chest piece piece and you can walz in.
    if you helped the captain to get his lost cabin boy, he will change the records for you.
    the first easy to reach chest piece is in the small wooden shack you visit to talk with a female sailor when looking for the missing naut.


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