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GreedFall On the High King’s Trail Walkthrough

On the High King’s Trail Walkthrough

You need support of Derdre, Ullan or Dunncas. Thus, you should complete the quests of one of these leaders. In theory, this will not affect the ending of the game. When you learn the route, move to the new location. Get to the village and talk to two indicated people (‘’dialogue’’ markers). It is possible that you will have to talk to one of them twice.

Head to the specified location. Hide in the bushes and overhear the conversation. If you come at night, you’ll be able to try to release the girl without raising the alarm. In the opposite case, you’ll have to talk to the people. You can try to convince them using your level 2 intuition or try to intimidate them. In any case, you’ll have to follow Cera. Enter the cave and examine 4 drawings. Near the second drawing, you’ll find a seed for the mountain gates. Once you have examined the fourth drawing, Cera will run away. Go beyond this drawing and turn to the narrow corridor on the left side. That’s how you will get out of the cave.

Go back to the beginning of the location and go up to find a passage in the mountains. Enter the cave.

Reward: 2000 experience points.

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