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GreedFall The Vices of the Mother Cardinal Guide

The Vices of the Mother Cardinal Guide

Speak with the Mother Cardinal after traveling to San Mateus. You will get to speak with her during the “Trouble in Eden” quest. After speaking with her go upstairs and search the women’s apartments. Now go downstairs with 3x Comfortable Vests which are available from the merchant. Before going down, Equip them and move forward into the cellars.

Investigate the marked chamber before meeting up with the innkeeper. Head over to the prostitutes’ chamber, bribe the guard 50 gold or use intuition. Speak with the prostitute and use Charisma to get the information you need about the woman in Green coat.

Question the bookmaker and usurer before going to find the Candy Cane. The indicated place must be visited at night to make sure you pass some time before heading over. Speak with Candy Cane to complete the side quest and get +3 reputation with Petrus as well as 1000XP.

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