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GRIS Walkthrough and Mementos Collector

Guide on how to obtain every achievements in the game.


Welcome to this 100% Guide I wanted to make to help others to get every achievements.
This guide does not indicate every mementos / have a lot of screenshots but I might add some if some people want them! This obviously contains spoilers.

Quick note:
Chapter 1 – Prologue
Chapter 2 – Desert
Chapter 3 – Forest
Chapter 4 – Water Depths
Chapter 5 – UpsideDown
Chapter 6 – End


Those achievements are obtained by simply playing the game.

Red / Complete chapter 1
Green / Complete chapter 2
Blue / Complete chapter 3
Yellow / Complete chapter 4
The End / Complete the game


These achievements are specific tasks to complete in each chapter. You will often need some little backtracking to complete them.

 Sandstorm / In chapter 2, don’t get pushed off by the sandstorm

 Inuksuit / In chapter 2, destroy every little stone statues

 Apples / In chapter 3, help the forest friend to eat every apples

 Eel / In chapter 4, avoid every attack from the giant eel (mashing A seemed like a viable technique)

 Magic fowls / In chapter 5, sing to every magic fowls


During chapter 2, destroy every little stone statue with your block ability (you can do this by jumping and using your ability).

Statue 1

Statue 2

Statue 3

Statue 4

Statue 5

Statue 6

Statue 7

Statue 8

Statue 9

Statue 10

Statue 11

Statue 12

Statue 13 & 14


During chapter 3, let your new friend eat every apple you can find. There are 4 you can miss, the others are easy to spot and you won’t miss these.

Apple 1

Apple 2

When your little friend goes to the top to slam the stone blocking the path, quickly go back to the right so your friend follows you.

Apple 3

Apple 4

The fourth one is after the big slide, find your little friend and walk back to the right.

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Magic Fowls

After you have learned how to sing in chapter 5, you need to sing to 7 birds hidden in the area.

Bird 1 & 2

There are 2 birds in the center which you aren’t able to miss as you will automatically sing to them when you learn your new ability.

Bird 3

Right part, behind a secret wall to find a memento.

Bird 4

After getting the star to the right, before slaming the ground.

Bird 5

Left part, sing to red flowers to get up here and get the memento.

Bird 6

Before the yellow birds jump.

Bird 7

After getting the star to the left, before jumping here.

The 5 Stages of Grief

You will need to find secret rooms or do specific actions at special locations to get these.

Stage 1 – Denial


At the very beginning of the game, walk right until you can move freely, then go back to the left and find the statue, here, let you character fall and get up from herself (don’t touch your keyboard or controller).

Stage 2 – Anger


In the black and white area during chapter 2, you will need to destroy the 3 fragile statues.
Don’t slam for nothing or you will get ejected before breaking them all!

Stage 3 – Bargaining


After some big red bird jumps during chapter 3, find the statue and (try to) sing in front of it.

Stage 4 – Depression


During chapter 4, at the part where you need to get 6 stars to wake up the turtle, head straight down to the darkness and search for a little way to the left.

Stage 5 – Acceptance


During the final sequence of the game, after getting to the surface of the black water, sing in front of the tomb.

Mementos Collector

 Mementos: Collect every mementos, scroll down for every single location!

Mementos – Chapter 1

Memento 1
On your way to get the 3rd star, jump to the left to find the first memento.

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Memento 2
The game says that there are 2 Mementos in the first chapter but that’s not completely true. To get this one, you will need to progress in the game and come back later.
Select the last chapter, go to the main area.
Head to the bottom left where the sign that tells you “1 / 2” mementos collected.
You will find water here, swim and search for the memento.

Mementos – Chapter 2

Memento 1
After the game title appears, jump down and go left.

Memento 2
In the moving rock creature, get quickly to the top and slide to get the memento.

Memento 3
After you get the block power, go back to the left and break the roof.

Memento 4
Before breaking down to the big bell, head right, use the creature and find the area where the memento is. Use your ability to resist the sandstorm and stand in the edge of the top platform, the wind will push you right to the memento.

Memento 5
After getting this star, slam the platform to the other side and then climb the windmill.

Memento 6
Jump to the right here.

Memento 7
During the star to the left where you need to push down a balloon, get it to the very bottom using your block ability and try to quickly get to the top by the stairs, after slaming the rock you will find the memento.

Mementos – Chapter 3

Memento 1
Climb up all the way to the top to get it.

Memento 2
When getting the star to the left before getting the new ability.

Memento 3
After your first “manual” red bird jump, head to the right and break the pots to reveal some red birds.

Memento 4
After the big tree with 2 red bird jumps, go to the right and break the ground.

Memento 5
During the bird sequence, find this spot. Then go to the left platform, and find when the bird starts screaming at you. Time it right and use it to float to the right side.

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Memento 6
Jump here to the top left.

Memento 7
After getting the color, find those trees and jump here, the memento is a bit later to the right.

Mementos – Chapter 4

Memento 1
This one is really sneaky! You need to slam the mushroom all the way to the left and some red birds will appear.

Memento 2
After learning how to swim, search for this little hidden path to the right.

Memento 3
When getting the stars to wake up the turtle, head for the one in the bottom right. Get it and unlock the “shortcut”. Just before it you will find red birds to the left, you will need them. Head back to the direction of the turtle and search for this little hole to the top.

Memento 4
During the dark sequence after the first eel encounter, search for little lights not in the main path, a memento is hidden here to the left.

Memento 5
Find this little hidden path between this red bird jump and the water during the light puzzles.

Mementos – Chapter 5

Memento 1
Notice the red birds on the roof, get on top of the roof and wait till the walls disappear, you will fall down and you can land on the birds and use them to jump up.

Memento 2
Jump to the top left.

Memento 3
Left part where you need 2 stars. Go through this wall.

Memento 4
After you have learned to sing, head left, sing to some flowers to get to this part.

Memento 5
When here, drop to your right.

Memento 6
Right part, go past this wall.

Memento 7
After getting the star to the right, swim down here.



After getting every memento in the game, select the last chapter and go right below where your character starts. There is an entrance at the left side hidden in a broken wall.

In here, sing in front of the sign and enjoy the secret cutscene!

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