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Hearts of Iron IV Dispersed or Concentrated?

This was me overthinking at 4 AM and getting up from bed to do 30 minutes of calculations and tests about Dispersed and Concentrated industry.

Hearts of Iron IV Dispersed or Concentrated?

So… Debunking!

Concentrated maxed out:

  • + 75% factory output
  • + 50% dockyard output
  • + 100% max factories in a state (x2 max factories)

Dispersed maxed out:

  • + 50% factory/dockyard output
  • + 25% production efficiency base
  • + 50% production efficiency retention
  • – 75% factory bomb vulnerability!

Max production efficiency cap is 100%

Any new equipment added/swapped in production starts at 10% production efficiency, this is the production efficiency base. Dispersed industry makes it 35%. !! IT DOESN’T ADD 35% TO IT !!

And with 50% production efficiency retention, this would mean that if you would have 100% production efficiency on a certain item, if you swap it out for something else, you’d get 50% production efficiency to that item you swapped in. You could also get 70% production efficiency retention to make it 70% production efficiency!

Thus, for the medium run, dispersed industry is better, just because of this sole reason. Don’t forget the formula for production! :

Base output x (1 + factory output modifiers) x production efficiency

In the short and long run, sure, concentrated industry’s better. But imo, dispersed industry surpasses it by as late as 1939! Then concentrated maybe takes back the throne by the time you research the 4th or 5th Concentrated level.

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1939 is just an approximation, but as soon as soon as you swap in an item in production with a dispersed industry technology, you’ll outproduce the concentrated industry person!

Dispersed or Concentrated?

This is if you switch up a piece of equipment with all 1939 concentrated techs. (There’s also a 13.60% random factory output buff there!!)

Dispersed or Concentrated?

THIS is if you switch up a piece of equipment with all 1939 production efficiency techs and dispersed techs. The production efficiency starts at 24%, which gives you a MASSIVE buff compared to concentrated.

Feel free to correct me, criticize me or ask me some questions in the comments. If someone proves me wrong I’ll delete this guide.

Written by B_Alexy

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