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House Flipper Secret Achievements

House Flipper is a unique chance to become a one-man renovation crew. Buy, repair and remodel devastated houses. Give them a second life and sell them at a profit!

House Flipper Secret Achievements

How to unlock the new secret achievements like Strongman or Carmechanic.

Estate Agent

Junior Estate Agent / Estate Agent / Senior Estate Agent
Sell 10 / 20 / 50 houses
No manual/instructions needed, I guess, just sell houses.

Note: I sold 80 houses before I activated Testing-Version
and got all 3 Achievements within a second!

You don`t need to start with a new savegame!

Game Over

Finish the game.

Finish the game. You have to sell all the houses once.

After you have sold all the houses once, you can buy/sell any house as often as you like. You don’t lose your achieved skills.


Strongman [Do you even lift?]
You have to lift a car with your hands in the air and the achievement will unlock!


Car Mechanic [You’ll need a car mechanic]
Just knock your sledgehammer against a car in a garage and it will unlock!


Negotiator [Negotiate for at least 50 000 euro and win]
An easy way to negotiate 50k is to sell a bunker to Lonewolf37.

But it works with other buyers too, as long as you negotiate 50.000 Euros!
Note: Profit is not meant here, you need 50k negotiation!
It can be done very easily with the “Just Married`s House”.


Earn the first million euro.

Earn your first million Euro.

If your currency is not set to Euro you may have to earn more/less than 1 million to get this Achievement. You can change the currency in the settings (Settings > “General”).

It would be better to do this achievement after finishing the game (sell all houses once).

Easy way to get the Achievement:

Buy the “House that is hiding something”.
Go to the house, go downstairs and break the wall on the left, next to the junction box. Sell everything in the secret room (armchair, sideboard and the valuable painting). Sell the house afterwards. You will make a profit of $60.000 – $65.0000 in less than 2 minutes. Repeat everything until you have enough money.

Knock, knock

I am the one who knocks.

Buy the “Huckster’s House”.
Knock on the (front) door with your hammer.

You do it wrong

You do it wrong [Kill a cockroach with a hammer]
Just smash your sledgehammer into an army of cockroaches and kill it!

Hit a cockroach with your hammer. If the cockroach disappears you killed it.
There should be a tip that you should use a vacuum cleaner instead.
Make sure, that there is no option to use the vacuum cleaner while using your hammer (it shouldn’t be possible to press the button E)

You do it wrongs tips;

Buy the “Garage With A Bunker”

With the hammer equipped place your pointer or dot inbetween the tiles and the equip vacuum option should disappear, smash away.

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