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House Party A Vickie Vixen Valentine Walkthrough

House Party is an open-ended social simulator mixed with a point-and-click adventure inspired by classic comedies of the 90’s. Every decision changes your story and every character has something to reveal. There’s also a button to take your pants off.

House Party A Vickie Vixen Valentine Walkthrough

My goal with this guide was to complete as much as possible in one playthrough. This storyline has multiple ways to complete it, and so far this is the way I have found that includes solving all of the puzzles (that I know of).

During the story, you are presented with multiple choices of dialogue and you can only choose one path, but I haven’t noticed any of them impacting the story or increasing/decreasing your relationship with Vickie. In these instances, you can choose any dialogue option you want without needing to worry about choosing the wrong option.

House Party Yekbot

01 – Meeting Up With Vickie

  • ? Respond to Vickie’s texts
    • ? [Hey, yeah definitely]
  • ? Go to the bushes near the slider
    • ? Ask Vickie where she is at
    • ? [So this is a Valentine’s date, yeah?]
  • ? Inspect the gutter (outside, between the kitchen and family room)
  • ? Climb the gutter

02 – Shake, Shake, Shake Senora

  • ? Go downstairs to the slider door
    • ? [You’re crazy, Vickie.]
  • ? Unlock the slider door
    • ? [Speaking of cats, there’s definitely not one here.]
  • ? Open your inventory
    • ? Shake the catnip
  • ? Go to the living room
    • ? Approach the picture of the cat (on the dresser to the left of the couch)
    • ? Shake the catnip
  • ? Go to the kitchen
    • ? Open the cabinet (above the microwave)
    • ? Inspect the allergy medication (it will fall on to the floor)
    • ?️Take the allergy medication
  • ? Go upstairs and knock on the master bedroom door
    • ? [*Shake allergy pills and open door*]

03 – Treasure Grove

  • ? Go to the closet
  • ? Talk to Vickie
    • ? [That’s kind of silly but ok.]
  • ? Talk to Vickie
    • ? [You know this is Madison’s room, not Ashley’s, right?]
  • ? Follow Vickie to the spare room
    • ⌚ Wait for Vickie to enter the room
    • ? [So…how many films have you been in, exactly?]
  • ⌚ Wait for Vickie to give you Ashley’s phone
  • ? Open your inventory
    • ? Check the texts on the phone
    • ? Check the reminders on the phone
  • ? Talk to Vickie
    • ? [Quick, I need your tiny hands!]
  • ? Go to the garage
    • ? Inspect the Stash box (orange bin on the bottom shelf)
    • ? Use the Stashbox Key on the stash box
    • ? [You go first.]
    • ? Open your inventory and consume the chocolate bar

04 – Studio Audience

  • ? Listen to Vickie talk
    • ? [Why’s that?]
    • ? [How do we play?]
    • ? [Seems like a cheap rule.]
    • ? [Wait, wait! I need to use the john before we start.]
  • ? Read the cover of the dvd under the tv
  • ? Open the dvd
  • ? Go to the master bedroom
    • ? Check the texts on Ashley’s phone (you may need to do this a couple times) until the text about Madison masturbating appears
    • ? Check underneath the bed (it is an option when you select the bed)

05 – Never Have I Ever

  • ? Go to the family room
  • ? Play with Vickie (click on Vickie and select Play)
    • ? [Come from a military family.]
    • ? [Who in your family was in the military?]
    • ? [Starred in a film called “Gothic Gangbang 16.”]
    • ? [There’s a way we could both lose right now. A draw.]
  • ? Follow Vickie upstairs

06 – Sex with Vickie

  • ? Approach Vickie once she is on the bed (click her and select the Approach option)
    • ? Tell her to blow you or have sex with her (you will need to remove your clothes)
    • ? Org*sm at the same time (eat her out when you need to raise her bar)

Appendix 01 – Questions from the Comments Section

In this section, I will try to provide answers to any questions I may be able to help with.

1. Where is the gutter?

The gutter is in the backyard, to the right of the porch.

1. Where is the gutter?

2. Where is the stash box?

The stash box that contains the edibles is in the garage. It is an orange bin on the bottom shelf of the storage rack against the far wall. You cannot interact with the stash box until after you get the key from the guitar.

2. Where is the stash box?

3. How do I check under the bed?

Once you get Ashley’s phone from her bedroom, you can check her messages and reminders. After checking the messages, you can check them again, though nothing will happen. After you check the messages a third time, a new conversation will display about Ashley walking in on Madison while she was masturbating. After you finish this convo, you can select the bed and the option to check under it will appear. There is no special section of the bed that you need to click on.

3. How do I check under the bed?

4. How do I prove to Vickie that there is no cat?

After you let Vickie inside and she goes running off to Madison’s room, check the cabinet above the microwave. The painkillers will drop onto the ground. In order to shake the bottle after knocking on the bedroom door, you need to inspect the bottle and pick it up. If you do not inspect the bottle, either while on the ground or in your inventory, the conversation option will not be displayed.

Written by Volcanon

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