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House Party The Crush & Crush(es) Achievement Guide

A guide for the new female player + Brittney + Amy romance paths!


  • Upon arriving at the party, head straight to Brittney to hand over the shirt.
  • Select as many flirty options as possible (compliment her breasts, ask if she’s ever been in love, say she doesn’t strike you as a party girl).
  • Ask if she currently as a crush on anyone, to which she will respond with a yes.
  • Speak to Derek and ask who Brittney has a crush on, to which he will guess Amy.
  • Ask Brittney if Amy is the girl she’s crushing on. Brittney will respond with a yes.
  • Offer to help her as a wing-woman.
  • Introduce yourself to Amy and pursue the path of the Scavenger Hunt. (you look pretty pensive, I can help, I’m great at finding things.
  • Go to every single person at the party and ask their respective questions of knowing anything about Amy.

Here you will get some right answers and some wrong ones. The correct ones are:

  1. She likes Panic at the Disco.
  2. She misses her home and sitting by the fire.
  3. She’s looking to join the sorority yet is worried about fitting in.
  • Let Brittney know you’ve found some useful info on Amy and share the three facts stated above over the course of Brittney talking her up.
  • After sharing the third fact, the possible split comes into play at this point.

Cross Path: The Crush

  • After sharing the third correct fact about Amy with Brittney, you will be presented with the option to either insist on finding more information or encouraging her then and there to share her feelings with Amy.
  • If pursuing The Crush, encourage her to confess to Amy then and there.
  • Follow her to Amy.
  • After some brief dialogue, the two will make way for the spare room upstairs.
  • After they’ve done their thing, Brittney will come out and thank you for your help.

Cross Path: The Crush(es) + Scavenger Hunt

  • After sharing the third correct fact about Amy with Brittney, you will be presented with the option to either insist on finding more information or encouraging her then and there to share her feelings with Amy.
  • If pursuing The Crush(es), insist on finding some more information on Amy before allowing Amy to confess.
  • To get where you want to be, you will now need to complete Amy’s sorority scavenger hunt.
  • There are ample guides for the scavenger hunt already, but I’ll leave a brief guide on what I found to be the easiest routes.

1. Steal the credit card from the desk to Frank’s right (make sure Derek and Madison don’t catch you in the act!)

2. Ask Frank for a condom. Unlike the male player, he’ll just straight up give it to you as the female player.

3. Ask Derek for his shirt and let him know there’s a petition going around for him to take his shirt on. Create the petition on the computer to Frank’s right (the same desk you took the credit card from), and print it out via the printer on the computer’s right. Go around to each party-goer and ask to sign the petition. Tell the TRUTH to Madison, Ashley, Rachael, Amy and Leah about the petition being for Derek to remove his shirt. Tell a LIE to Frank, Patrick, Katherine, Stephanie and Brittney (the only other option that isn’t about Derek removing his shirt). Hand the completed petition over to Derek who’ll give you his shirt.

4. For the panties, Ashley’s smooth operator route is the easiest one to take. Secure her top and compliment her like there’s no tomorrow (are you the co-host, tell me about your friends, you’re way hotter then your sister). Go to the upstairs bathroom in Madison’s room and take her phone. While upstairs, take the paper from the study and the pencil from the spare bedroom. Use the paper on the book on the desk in the left corner of Madison’s room, then use the pencil on the paper. Open Madison’s closet, open the safe and take her diary. Give Madison her phone and ask for a reward, then agree to her plan to humiliate Ashley. Go to Ashley and ask what’s the deal between her and Madison. Say that you’ll help her dry off and that she still looks cute despite being wet. Go to the downstairs bathroom near the staircase and grab the towel near the sink. Give them to Ashley and offer to wash her clothes. You’ll be able to hand over the diary already at this point and should now have a full friend and love meter. Offer to now wash her clothes in the spare room, followed by offering to wash her panties too. Panties secured! (make SURE to wash and dry her clothes and return them to her, as you’ll want her out of the bedroom later on! You’ll also unlock the option to have a bit of fun with Ashley too!)

Make sure to assure Amy that the sorority is worth pursuing and opens many doors.

5. Ask Brittney to hang out with you in the hot tub, then let Amy know she’s wearing American flag underwear.

6. Ask Madison if she’s a Goodbye Kitty fan, let her know your sister is one and that you’ll let your sister know she’s not the only one in town. Head to the garage and rummage the orange tub to the right of the counter in the left corner. (when you hand the underwear to Amy, follow her up to the upstairs bathroom for a little sneak peek!)

7. Ask Brittney to the hot tub and say it would be better to experience with bare skin. Go back to Amy and let her know Brittney will strip if Amy does first. Tell Amy you have a plan and lead her to the hot tub.

  • Now that you’re all in the hot tub, initiate the game of truth or dare.
  • You can use any options apart from asking Brittney what YouTube videos she’s seen and asking Amy what one rule she would make if she could.
  • When Brittney finally chooses dare, dare her to remove her top. Dare Amy to do the same. The option for the threesome will finally present itself. Propose it to Brittney and enjoy the rest from there! As far as I know there’s no current repeat option so enjoy the show while you can!
Written by TheMarvellousJan

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