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Hydroneer Fast way to earn money by Fishing

Fast way to earn money and get started. (Outdated) Working on an update for the 2.0 build

Step 1

The game wants you to think that it is a cute mining sandbox game. But really this is just a fishing sim with extra steps. Grab some coin and head over to the fishing village of Burnscroft to start your journey.

Easy Starting Money by Fishing (1.7)

Step 1 is to purchase the rank 1 fishing rod for 52 coin.

Easy Starting Money by Fishing (1.7)-1

As of 1.6, the fishing rod will not work until purchased in the store. So dig around till you can find 52 coin worth of metal lumps and sell them at the jeweler.

Additionally, you can purchase one or more fish pots for 41 coin each to passively catch fish.

Easy Starting Money by Fishing (1.7)-2

These must be placed in water on a property you own, but the youtuber Let’s Game it Out found that you can stack the fish pots all on top of each other in one spot which speeds up fish harvest once they start catching them. Check out his vid “I Made $1 Billion in 5 Seconds and It Changed Reality – Hydroneer” if you want to see how.

Step 2: Profit

Now that you have the power of the gods at your fingertips, take your rod on a roadtrip.

Head over to the market table by the river in Bridgepour.

By standing on the market stall and keeping your green dot on the table you can cast over the roof, and fish by sound alone. By doing this you don’t even have to move your catch before selling it!

Easy Starting Money by Fishing (1.7)-3

By mindlessly fishing for a bit, you can jump-start your mining operation.

Step 3: Moving up the Ranks

“But wait!” I hear you say. “Fishing is my life now, what do I do?”

Well fear not young angler, the 1.7 update added a huge fishing update just for you! There are 8 fishing rods for you to collect, each allowing you to catch rarer and more expensive fish.

Easy Starting Money by Fishing (1.7)-4
Easy Starting Money by Fishing (1.7)-5
Easy Starting Money by Fishing (1.7)-6
Easy Starting Money by Fishing (1.7)-7
Easy Starting Money by Fishing (1.7)-8
Easy Starting Money by Fishing (1.7)-9
Easy Starting Money by Fishing (1.7)-10

To unlock them you will need to catch a certain fish (seen to the left of the rod) and place it in the basket where coin usually goes. From what I can tell location (sea, pond, or river) does not matter but let me know if I am wrong on that.

What are the odds: A Fishing Survey

The wiki claims that there 2 categories to fish: Common Catches (Sardine, Herring, Cod, Flyingfish, Mackerel, and Tuna) and Rare Catches (Prawn, Pufferfish, Monkfish, Swordfish, Crab, Shark, and Lobster). It claims that having a higher Ranked rod “…will allow you to catch bigger, rarer fish…”

But that doesn’t really describe how Rank changes catch rates or even what the actual odds between the “Common” and “Rare” fish for each rod are. With each rod I fished 20 times and will record the catch rates below. If you would like to contribute your rates leave them in a comment! I will likely add more later to pad the sample size.

Note: All these catches were done in a river during the day. The wiki says nothing about if location or time matter.

Fish Pot:
10 Sardine
4 Herring
3 Mackerel
2 Cod
1 Tuna

Rank 1:
10 Sardine
5 Herring
1 Prawn
1 Tuna
1 Cod
1 Mackerel
1 Boot

Rank 2:
16 Herring
2 Sardine
1 Pufferfish
1 Boot

Rank 3:
15 Herring
3 Mackerel
1 Cod
1 Pufferfish
1 Boot

Rank 4:
11 Herring
3 Mackerel
2 Crab
1 Pufferfish
1 Cod
1 Prawn
1 Boot

Rank 5:
9 Mackerel
3 Cod
2 Herring
2 Crab
1 Swordfish
1 Pufferfish
1 Tuna
1 Boot

Rank 6:
7 Cod
7 Mackerel
2 Tuna
2 Crab
2 Lobster

Rank 7:
14 Cod
3 Tuna
2 Sardine
1 Crab

Rank 8:
9 Cod
5 Tuna
3 Sardine
3 Boot

Seeing as I had a 0% Rare catch rate on the Rank 8 rod don’t look to hard into these numbers as we need a much bigger sample.

What can I do with fish?

Fish are love, fish are life. What can we do with our pile of fish?
The value of a fish is determined by a weight value which is random but can be checked at any scale.
Below are the jeweler sell values in coin per weight (so if your fish weighs 3, multiply the number below by 3)

  • Sardine- 5
  • Herring- 6
  • Cod- 7
  • Flyingfish- 10
  • Mackerel- 7
  • Tuna- 8
  • Prawn- 20
  • Pufferfish- 22
  • Monkfish- 70
  • Swordfish- 50
  • Crab- 30
  • Shark- 100
  • Lobster- 150

Additional Fish Facts:
Burnscroft’s stock market does buy fish, and if you wait for a really good day you could make way more coin.

Additionally according to the wiki “If you fancy your chances, you can try to increase the value of the fish by 10% – by trying to cook it on a Small Furnace. Don’t take your eyes off the fish though, leave it too long and it’ll burn, making your catch worthless.”

But for your best catches, head over to Bridgepour’s fancy furniture shop and buy a Fish Trophy wall mount for 82 coins.

Hall of Fame

As you can see there are many mysteries to Hydroneer’s fishing that we still have to uncover so I would just like to leave you with my best 2 catches to inspire you to go out and find your own treasures.

Easy Starting Money by Fishing (1.7)-11
Easy Starting Money by Fishing (1.7)-12
Written by Tharsis

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