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Kingdom Come Deliverance – Thick as Thieves Woyzeck Walkthrough

Thick as Thieves Woyzeck Walkthrough

How to unlock: Speak with Woyzeck in Kohelnitz.

Kohelnitz is located north from Rattay. This small farm is presented in the picture above. Miller Peshek can send you there if you have managed to get the ring during The Good Thief side quest. That item must be delivered to Woyzeck in Kohelnitz. The miller is happy with your work. From now on you can sell him stolen items and receive “the thieves’ guild” requests.

Request 1 – Steal waffenrocks

Henry must steal 5 waffenrocks from the Talmberg castle. You can steal the key from the guard marked by the game but this is very risky. Also, this person usually stays in the private part of the castle. Alternatively, you can rely on lockpicks but remember that the chest located in the armory has a high-level lock. Open it and take out waffenrocks (the picture). Go back to Woyzeck. You will receive 125 Groschen.

Request 2 – Steal a horse from the stable in Merhojed

Reach the stable located in Merhojed. You can steal any of the horses but if you want to get the best reward then you should steal the most valuable one, e.g. Jenda (the picture). Be sure that there are no NPCs around you before you do anything. Get on the horse, jump over one of the small fences that surround the stable and reach Woyzeck. Try to remain undetected because this can lower your reputation in Merhojed. You will also become a target of its guards. You receive 200 Groschen.

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Note – The delivered horse will get lost forever. Be sure that you don’t want to buy it for yourself because you won’t be able to do that after you deliver it to Woyzeck.

Request 3 – Steal Lady Stephanies jewelry

Head to Talmberg and reach the highest floor of the castle. Lady Stephanie’s room is located at the end of the corridor, on the right. The best moment to steal from her is when the woman goes to pray or when she leaves her room to perform other activities. The jewelry is inside of the chest presented in the picture. Its lock has a very high level which means that you need to have a lot of points in Lockpicking (you can pickpocket Lady Stephanie to get a key). Collect the treasure and go back to Woyzeck. You receive a little bit of Groschen.

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