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Kingdom Hearts 3 – Arendelle Boss Fight Flying Heartless Walkthrough

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Arendelle Boss Fight Flying Heartless Walkthrough

You are up against the three flying Heartless ice dragon whatevers that were chasing you before. They have a normal attack as well as the same lasers. Each of the three has three health bars. Your best bet is to focus on one at a time.

You can jump up and attack its nose/face but what you want to do is attack its two wings instead. This will stop it from being able to fly and fall down to the ground. On the ground, it can charge at you but is much easier to target and attack and avoid.

Continue the process of dodging the others while focusing on grounding one then killing it and then switching to another one. Keep this up and you’ll be down to one Flying Heartless in no time. It’s a really easy fight once you are down to one since you don’t have to worry about the others. Finish it off to win this boss fight.

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