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Kingdom Hearts 3 – Mount Olympus Walkthrough

Mount Olympus Walkthrough

1. Run up the cliff and move forward toward’s the mountain’s summit.
2. You’ll encounter the Rock Titan here – defeat it.
3. Keep going onward towards the summit of Mt. Olympus.
4. When you reach Olympus, defeat the Heartless herd you encounter.
5. Go towards the top area of Olympus.
6. Fight against the Ice & Fire Titan.
7. After facing the two Titans, you have to battle and defeat the Tornado Titan.
8. When you’ve defeated the Tornado Titan, reunite with King Mickey to defeat the Demon Tower.

Step 1. Stop River & Climb Up Cliff
Stop the flow of the river and scale up the cliff to get to the next area.

Step 2. Chest With Map Is To The Left
Once you make your way up the cliff, you’ll find the treasure chest with the map inside to your left.

Find Treasure Chest As Soon As You Enter Olympus
The map of Olympus is not hard to find. You’ll see a big treasure chest as soon as you enter the area. It’s right beside the big stairs to the left.

Use Command “Athletic Flow” To Reach Summit
To reach the top of Olympus, you need to use the command “Athletic Flow”. Focus on the Big Box and use the shot lock command to boost you to the summit.

Use Rock Tower To Reach Titans’ Faces
You can only reach the Titans’ faces when you climb the rock tower in between them. Quickly run up through it, careful to avoid any attacks they make, and use regular Keyblade attacks or magic to defeat them both.

Exploit Shot Lock To Damage Tornado Titan
This fight will occur in the middle of the air so it’s hard to hit the Tornado Titan with normal attacks or magic. Use your Shot Lock command to quickly get into its range to attack it.

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